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Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston have written about accidents in theme parks a few times in recent months – from accidents at Alton Towers, to Aqualandia Water Park – but our team have read about another sad accident which has recently occurred. 
Jade Graves, a 29-year-old mother from Hull, was the victim of another theme park accident that our team of Personal Injury Solicitors just had to tell you about- to hopefully prevent the same sad incident occurring to anyone else. 
Whatever profession you find yourself in, whilst at work, as an employee, you are owed a duty of care by your employer. This duty of care is governed specifically by the Health and Safety at Work Act, of 1974. This Act states that employers are to follow a set standard towards employees which include the following: 
- To ensure there is a safe system (also referred to as ‘plant’) of work, that is safely maintained. 
- To provide adequate training, specific to the tasks being carried out. This also includes being trained on how to use certain systems, programmes and machinery. 
- To provide protective clothing and equipment, where required. For example, supplying protective gloves when handling chemical products to prevent contamination or burns. 
- To appoint a competent Health and Safety Officer within the work place, who issues concerning health and safety can be reported to. 
- To ensure there is sufficient information, and instruction, available in relation to the work being carried out. There should also be appropriate supervision in place. 
Follow the link to the Act, for more information: http://www.hse.gov.uk/legislation/hswa.htm. 
As a younger driver, I’m constantly hearing things about what I should and shouldn’t do in my car: don’t run the aircon for too long, don’t leave the windows open during the day, or even, don’t park facing the sun. Whilst I’m sure some of tips are very helpful, some of them definitely have to be taken with a pinch of salt. 
But, are some tips more than just a myth? 
It can cause a bit of a panic on the roads when you’re driving or walking and hear the sound of sirens heading your way. Most of us will do our best to move out of the way, slowing down, or even stopping, to ensure that the Fire Engine/Police Car/Ambulance can get to their destination. 
However, just because we all try to move out of the way, doesn’t mean that this is always possible. Sometimes, it can be quite a struggle, and on some occasions, unfortunately, people have suffered a catastrophic personal injury. 
Take for example the case of the lady who heard the sirens, and saw the blue flashing lights, but still wasn’t able to get out of the way in time, and was hit by a police car. 
The incident occurred during rush hour, around 5:20pm, with the woman, aged 57, being taken to hospital by Air Ambulance. She died the following morning, around 9:30am. 
As with all incidents involving police officers, the Independent Office for Police Conduct, as well as the Directorate of Professional Standards, have been informed. 
Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston’s thoughts are with the woman’s family and friends at this sad time. 
Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston have written about accidents in theme parks on more than one occasion, and we often talk about different types of personal injuries you can suffer: road traffic accidents, slips, trips or falls, accidents at work, and medical negligence. However, we don’t often talk about what happens if you are injured abroad. 
When you are on holiday, normally you want to be relaxed, sitting sipping your pink gin, and, or reading your favourite book. Some people, however, they want an action-packed adventure, where they get their thrills daily – bungee jumping or walking up Everest (or something that feels as big as Everest, at the time) are just a few of the activities you may decide to partake in. For those of you who were wondering, our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston prefer the former! 
For those of you who are injured on your relaxing (or not, relaxing) holiday, claiming compensation might be the last thing on your mind BUT It is definitely something you should think about! 
A pair of yellow flip flops
‘You’ve missed a bit’, a phrase our solicitors in Preston, and we suspect many of you reading this blog, have had entrenched in our brains and down our ears by loved ones whilst on holiday to stop the sun burning us. Whilst we are all careful, sun burn is something that sometimes, is to be expected in the hot weather. Our accident injury solicitors, and again many of you, however, would in no way expect chemical burns to be something we need to watch out for. Nor was this the case for one family who were enjoying a holiday in Lanzarote. 
We all know that, when on holiday with young children (and in many cases, the adults too), the first thing they want to do is a ‘belly flop’ straight into the swimming pool to cool off. Esme Law, aged four, was the same and was enjoying playing in the pool at the Villa the family were staying at. 
When you go on holiday, you expect a week away in the sun, returning feeling relaxed and care-free. 
Sadly, for one British man, this was the farthest thing from what he got. 
David Briffaut, and his girlfriend, Penny Bristow, were on holiday in Benidorm, when they decided to visit Aqualandia Water Park. David, only 23, decided to race on the waterslide, known as Splash. However, the fun-themed waterpark was not fun at all. 
David’s head allegedly snapped forward as he came to the end of the slide, and he lost consciousness, briefly. When he came to, it’s said that David couldn’t feel his legs. 
After being rushed to Hospital, he was sedated and put into an intensive care unit, being placed on life support. 
Blue flip flops and an assortment of other holiday essentials on a sandy beach.
Libel and slander are forms of defamation in English law.  
Libel is the publication of a defamatory statement in permanent form (for example, in an email, tweet, text, online review, Facebook posting or news article).  
Slander is concerned with the spoken word, conduct or other non-permanent expression. 
A statement will be defamatory in English law if it is:- 
(a) published to a person other than the victim,  
(b) identifies the victim and  
(c) lowers the reputation of the victim in the estimation of right-thinking members of society.  
Solicitors who deal with personal injury note that Libel is actionable ‘on the face of it’ which means that so long as you can prove you have been defamed, you will automatically be able to claim at least nominal damages for injury to your feelings and distress caused by the libellous statement. However, due to changes brought about by the Defamation Act 2013, in order to establish a cause of action for defamation, you (as the victim) have to be able to prove on balance of probabilities that the publication has caused or is likely to cause serious harm to your reputation. 
MG Legal, personal injury solicitors in Preston are able to report that the NHS Resolution's annual report for 2018/19, published last week, shows that spending on claimant legal costs was £442.3m – a fall of more than £24m. This news comes as the government is preparing to rein in legal spending when it comes to personal injury cases. 
It’s becoming more and more common recently to read articles about how food allergies are affecting people’s daily lives, and how someone has accidentally been exposed to something they shouldn’t have due to food labelling problems. 
Sadly, on some occasions, no matter how hard people try to ensure the safety of the children in their care, accidents can still occur. Our team of personal injury solicitors in Lancaster were sad to hear about an incident recently, which led to a ten-month-old baby boy dying. 


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