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Posts from February 2024

"Change ->" written in the sky in clouds; our Lasting Power of Attorney Solicitors in Preston discuss LPAs and their revocation.

Can I change my Lasting Power of Attorney if I fall out with my Attorneys? 

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A sack of peanuts, spilling out onto the table; our No Win No Fee Solicitors discuss Nut Allergy Compensation claims and whether you can grow out of a nut allergy.

Can a peanut allergy go away? 

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English money, including a £5 note, 1p coin, 20p coin, 50p coin and £1 coin; our Conveyancing Solicitors in Lancaster discuss buying a property at an undervalue from your parents.

Can I buy my parents’ house at an undervalue? 

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A white question mark against a yellow background; our Wills Solicitors in Preston discuss whether Probate is required for pension lump sums after a loved one's death.

Do Pension Lump sums fall into a person’s estate? 

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Two cars, one blue has driven into the back of the black car; our No Win No fee solicitors in Preston discuss the use of expert's reports in Road Traffic Accidents.

Engineer's Reports in Road Traffic Accident 

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A "Probate" stamp; our Probate Solicitors in Lytham discuss why you should use a solicitor for your loved one's estate.

Reasons Why You Should Use a Solicitor to Assist You with Probate 

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"Power of Attorney" in a document with a pencil pointing to the title; our Probate Solicitors in Preston discuss the differences between LPAs and Probate, and when each is required.

Will my Estate require Probate if I have Lasting Powers of Attorney? 

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An old document with "title deeds" and a set of keys; our Conveyancing Solicitors in Lancaster discuss what happens when title deeds go missing, and how our team can assist.

Losing Title Deeds: Steps to Reconstructing a Property Title 

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A gavel, typically seen in auctions; our Auction Conveyancing Solicitors discuss auction properties and how our team can help understand the complexities.

Auction Conveyancing Solicitors: Property Auctions and how to choose a conveyancing solicitor 

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A house keyring with a door key, on top of a mortgage deed; our Conveyancing Solicitors in Preston discuss one per cent mortgages

One Per Cent Mortgages 

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A car which has landed on it's front, with doors open, and damaged exterior; our no win no fee solicitors can assist with a compensation claim if you've been injured in a serious car accident.

Solicitors Dealing with Serious Car Crash Injuries 

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A couple, leaning against a wall, holding hands; our Probate Solicitors in Lancaster discuss cohabitees' rights on death.

Cohabitees and the Intestacy Rules 

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"Estate Planning" written on a notepad, with a pen, calculator and other stationary around; our Lasting Power of Attorney Solicitors in Preston can assist with making Lasting Powers of Attorney, and discuss the difference between EPAs and LPAs, and why you might need to update yours.

Understanding the Difference: Enduring Powers of Attorney vs. Lasting Powers of Attorney 

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A person lying on the floor, with boxes around them and their hard hat next to them; our No Win No Fee Solicitors in Morecambe can help you claim for your injuries if you've been injured due to a fall from height.

Can I make a claim for injury compensation if I have fallen from a height? 

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A wooden gavel on a wooden desk; our auction conveyancing solicitors can assist with the legal process of selling a house through auction, whether or online or through an auction house.

How to Find a Solicitor When Selling a Property at Auction 

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A house made of wooden blocks, on a green grass field; our Probate Solicitors in Lancaster discuss why Probate is required to sell or transfer property when the owner has died.

Why is Probate required to sell or transfer property after the owner has died? 

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"Stamp Duty"; our Conveyancing Solicitors discuss when SDLT is payable, what it is and how much you may have to pay.

SDLT: When Buying a House - What Is It, and When Do I Pay It? 

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A blue question mark on a yellow sticky note; our Solicitors in Lytham discuss Statutory Declarations, when they're required, and how they can be sworn.

What are Statutory Declarations, and How Much Does a Statutory Declaration Cost? 

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