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An old document with "title deeds" and a set of keys; our Conveyancing Solicitors in Lancaster discuss what happens when title deeds go missing, and how our team can assist.
Losing the title deeds to your property can be a stressful experience, especially if you are considering selling or mortgaging your property. Title deeds are crucial documents that prove your ownership of the property. Title Deeds were historically how properties were sold or transferred between owners. Now-a-days, many properties are registered on a central data base held with the Land Registry. However, homes that have not been sold or transferred in a number of years, or those parcels of land that may have never had a formal, known of owner, may not be registered yet. Selling or transferring a property will trigger a compulsory first registration. 
Our Conveyancing Solicitors in Lancaster would explain that not having your title deeds does not mean all is lost. With the shift towards digital registration, the process of dealing with lost title deeds has become somewhat simpler, especially in jurisdictions like the UK where the Land Registry maintains comprehensive records of property ownership. Here’s what you need to know about losing title deeds and the process involved in reconstructing a property title. 

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Understanding Title Deeds 

Title deeds are legal documents that record the ownership of, and rights associated with, a property. They include details such as the property’s description, its boundaries, and any rights or obligations. Historically, these documents were the primary proof of ownership, but modern systems often rely on digital registration. 

What to Do if You Lose Your Title Deeds 

Check if Your Property is Registered 

In many countries, including England and Wales, property transactions are recorded in a central registry. If your property is registered, the loss of physical deeds is less problematic because the registry holds the essential details of your ownership electronically. You can request official copies of the register, which are legally recognised as evidence of your title to the property. 

Reconstruction of Title 

If you cannot locate your property title deeds and your property is unregistered, you should seek advice from Conveyancing Solicitors in Lancaster. Reconstructing the title involves creating a new set of documents that prove your ownership of the property. The process can vary depending on your property, but generally involves the following steps: 

Gathering Evidence 

You will need to collect any remaining evidence of your ownership. This might include bank statements showing mortgage payments, insurance documents related to the property, any remaining copies of the original deeds, or statements from witnesses to the property purchase. Evidence of your occupation of the property over the years, dating back to when you purchased, can be really useful, as it helps provide a paper trail to establish your ownership of the property. 

Statutory Declaration 

You (and possibly your solicitor) will need to make a statutory declaration or an affidavit. This document will detail the loss of the original deeds, describe the efforts made to find them, and include any evidence you have of your ownership. 

Application to the Land Registry 

Submit an application to the relevant land registry office, along with the statutory declaration and any supporting documents. The application will request that the registry issue a new title or update the existing one to reflect the loss of the original deeds. 

Publication of Notices 

In some cases, you might be required to publish a notice stating your intention to apply for a new title, giving anyone with a potential claim or interest in the property a chance to come forward. 


In certain situations, you may need to take out indemnity insurance to protect against any potential claims arising from the loss of the original deeds. This is often a requirement from lenders or buyers when dealing with reconstructed titles. Our Conveyancing Solicitors in Lancaster can help source an indemnity policy, and provide details of the cost of such a policy, to ensure you are prepared for any additional costs that may be incurred when selling. 

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Timescales and Costs 

The process of reconstructing a title can vary in length and cost, depending on the complexity of the case, the availability of evidence, and the property itself. It’s advisable to consult with a conveyancing solicitor who specialises in title reconstructions to ensure that you gather all relevant evidence as early in the transaction as possible. 
Losing the title deeds to your property can initially seem like a major issue, but it is a problem that can be resolved with the right approach. By understanding the steps involved in reconstructing a property title and seeking professional assistance from Conveyancing Solicitors, you can ensure your property ownership is secure and documented, even in the absence of the original deeds. Always take steps to protect your title deeds but know that modern land registration systems have made the recovery from their loss much more manageable. 
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