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Posts from April 2020

Stamp Duty.

Could The Government Introduce Stamp Duty Payment Breaks? 

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Property Title Deeds.

The Legal Fees Of Buying A Property, Explained By Your Local Property Solicitors 

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Two tooth brushes in two different pots.

Can A Parent Change Their Own Sex, On Their Child’s Birth Certificate? 

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Two hours next door, one with a red door, and the other with a white door.

Our Preston Solicitors’ Conveyancing Do’s and Don’t's 

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Make a Will.

How Can I Locate A Will? 

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A woman holding a baby, looking out the window.

The Different Type Of Child Order, And How To Apply. 

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A child holding one hand of either parent.

What Is The Difference Between Direct And Indirect Child Contact? 

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Accident - Injury - Claim - Compensation

Do You Really Have Three Years To Make That Personal Injury Claim? 

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A cardboard property with the sun shining through.

The Impact Of Planning Applications And Objections 

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Two people sat at a table, with notepads and legal tools surrounding them.

Working With Your Opponent, Not Against In The Legal World 

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Can I see my children during lockdown? Poster.

How To Negotiate Child Contact During COVID-19 

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A small child, holding their parent's hand.

What Is Parental Alienation? 

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Two keys, each attached to their own keyring showing half of a house.

Financial Settlement On Divorce: Are My New Partner's Details Taken Into Account? 

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A cardboard house, in a green field.

What May Our ‘Dream Home’ Be Post-Lockdown? 

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Family Law.

Can I Get Divorced Throughout Lockdown? 

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A bag with different fruit and vegetables spilling out, including bananas, tomatoes, avocado.

How Far Does A Supermarket’s Duty Of Care Extend? It’s Further Than You Think 

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Declaration of Trust.

What Is A Declaration of Trust and What Does It Do? 

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A paper heart, broken, with a wedding ring resting on either side.

The Increase In Domestic Abuse Killings Aim The COVID-19 Pandemic 

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A wooden see-saw, with a pink figure on one end,a blue figure on the other, and a small green figure in the middle.

Our Family Law Solicitors Discuss The Court's View Of Child Arrangements During The COVID-19 Lockdown 

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A paper cut out of a family, next to a gavel.

The Continuation Of The Family Courts During Lockdown 

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A Property Key attached to a silver, house shaped Key Ring.

Why Is There A Form LL Restriction On The Title To My Property? 

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Do I Need Probate To Sell A Deceased’s Property? 

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A person holding an iPad, with a person signing the document using a stylus.

Can A Will Be Signed Electronically? 

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A couple holding a bouquet of flowers.

Can I Get An Injunction During The Lockdown? 

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A couple holding a property model in their hands.

Coronavirus Q&A From Your Preston Solicitors 

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Can I Make A Medical Negligence Compensation Claim For Sepsis? 

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A glass jar filled with money, and a new tree root blossoming.

Can My Former Spouse Make A Claim For Financial Provision After We Have Divorced? 

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A couple with different household cleaning items, such as a broom and hoover.

Are More Couples Living Together Due To The COVID-19 Lockdown? 

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Personal Injury Claim.

The Government Acts To Delay "Whiplash Reforms" Until April 2021 

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Two cars crashing into one another.

New “Whiplash” Portal Gets Nearer, But Further Away At The Same Time 

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