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What is a sports injury claim? 

A sports injury claim, or sporting injury claim, are a type of sporting injury compensation claim made by people who have been injured in avoidable accidents or acts of violence while playing sports or sporting activities. 
Sports injury claims for sporting injury compensation can be made for any type of sport, at any level. Claims can be made by amateur competitors, people playing casually for a hobby or fitness, all the way up to professional players, and even sporting event spectators. 
In sports injury claims, our specialist injury solicitors use all available medical evidence, and relevant case law, to achieve the maximum sporting injury compensation for our clients. 

What causes sports injury claims, and who can I sue in a sports injury claim? 

When you speak to our specialist solicitors about claiming for sporting injury compensation, we will work to establish who is at fault for your injury, and who the negligent party is that the claim for sporting injury compensation can be made against. 
Sports injury claims can be made against- 
Other players- if another player has caused injury to you through acting recklessly or violently outside of the game itself, you can claim for sporting injury compensation through a criminal injury claim. Instances of violence are never okay, and it is a criminal act of assault to attack somebody, or to inflict injury on them purposely, even in a sporting environment  
If the other player caused you to be injured by being careless, reckless, or negligent, then you can make a sports injury claim for personal injury compensation against the other player's insurance policy. From golf, to football, rugby, boxing and everything in between, most amateur sports people will have insurance that covers them if they cause another person to suffer a personal injury. So if you do make a claim for personal injury compensation against your team mate, golfing partner, or training buddy, it's nothing personal, and they will not be out of pocket when you make a claim.  
A sporting venue- if you have been injured while playing a sport due to dangerous or unsafe pitches or sporting conditions, or faulty equipment, you could be eligible to make a sports injury claim against the venue itself 
A coach or trainer- if you have suffered from injuries due to reckless advice or unsafe training techniques from a sporting coach or trainer, and have suffered a personal injury as a result, you may be able to make a claim for sports injury compensation against the coach or the professional body that they work under- they will be insured so, again, it's nothing personal, and the coach, or trainer's insurance will pay your compensation, and your coach or trainer will not be out of pocket if you do make a claim for personal injury, with our no win no fee solicitors.  

What sporting injuries can I make a sports injury claim for? 

You can make a sporting injury claim for injuries sustained in any sport that were caused by someone else’s negligence. 
These include: 
If you have sustained any injuries while playing these sports, or any other sports, in the last three years, then you could be eligible to make a claim for sporting injury compensation. 
Some of the most common sports injury claims that our specialist injury solicitors see, include: 
These are just a few of the wide range of sports injury claims that can achieve sporting injury compensation. For more information on your specific injury and specific claim, get in touch with our sport injury claims solicitors for a free, no-obligation chat about your potential claim. 

Sporting brain injuries in athletes: 

In recent years, problems of dementia and traumatic head injuries among athletes and individuals playing football, rugby, and other contact sports have made headlines, in tabloids and broadsheets, alike. In 2021, a group of 10 ex-rugby league international players announced their plans to sue the Rugby Football League for negligence over their failure to protect the players from brain damage caused by concussions suffered while playing. All of the players are under the age of 60, but their personal injury solicitor is also representing professional rugby players as young as their mid-20s and helping them to sue the Rugby Football League for negligence. These men are all showing symptoms of neurological complications that are thought to be caused by negligence related to their concussions suffered as part of the game. 
With it being common knowledge among medical professionals that concussions pose a serious risk of brain damage, the players believe that they should have been paid more attention to by officials, including the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of suspected concussions. 
Dementia and brain injuries are not isolated to rugby, as dementia was diagnosed in five of the 11 who started football’s 1966 World Cup final for England, with four players already dead. Multiple coroners have already linked the deaths of former footballers with the sport itself, and a recent study found that professional footballers were over three times more at risk of neurodegenerative disease than the general public. Right now, the group legal action for personal injury negligence is being made by professional and ex-professional rugby league players. 
However, this does not mean that you cannot make a head or brain injury claim for concussion-induced brain damage at an amateur level, or a semi-professional level, with our sporting injury solicitors. Despite these revelations, neither football nor rugby has taken persuasive steps to update their rules to incorporate the damning data of brain injury. If you have been part of a rugby team that you have a contract signed with, then this team and the officials involved should owe you a legal duty of care to protect you from harm. 
To learn more about making a no win no fee head or brain injury claim for brain damage or other head injuries that were not properly investigated or looked into, or the proper safety measures were not taken, then contact our sporting injury solicitors online here for a free, no-obligation consultation with a solicitor about making a no win no fee head or brain injury claim

No Win No Fee Compensation: 

MG Legal's leading personal injury solicitors accept all sports injury claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis, and have a success rate of over 99%. 
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What can be claimed for in sports injury claims? 

When you make a claim for sporting injury compensation, your claim will be broken down into two different sections. 
The first of these, known as special damages, will be calculated on an individual basis, based on how much your injuries have impacted your daily life, ability to work, and any extra costs they have caused you. More often than not, a special damages claim, relates to things like lost earnings, medication, parking and travel expenses for attending hospital and so forth; but can, in more serious cases, include future loss of earnings, if you are unable to return to work, or even round the clock care costs. The role of a no win no fee personal injury solicitor, or indeed, any local personal injury solicitor, is to put you in the financial position you would have been in, had the injury not happened. At MG Legal, our no win no fee solicitors go above and beyond to ensure our injured clients receive every last penny of compensation they deserve. 
The other part of your sports injury claim, known as general damages, is compensation for the pain and suffering that your injuries have caused. To see how much you could claim if you have been injured whilst playing, or watching a sporting activity, please see our guide, here.  
When you choose to work with MG Legal's personal injury solicitors, and we accept your NO WIN NO FEE sports injury claim, you will be assigned a designated solicitor to your claim, who will go above and beyond to accurately calculate the value of your claim, and win the maximum amount of financial compensation that you, quite rightly, deserve. 

Make a NO WIN NO FEE sports injury claim with MG Legal: 

When you make a claim for sporting injury compensation with MG Legal’s personal injury solicitors, you can leave it up to us to establish who is at-fault for your injuries, who to make the claim against, and to get to work in building a strong and robust claim for you. We take a lot of pride in what we do, and have a success rate of over 99% for the personal injury claims we accept, on a no win no fee basis. 
Our friendly, approachable personal injury solicitors work with top medical experts to obtain a medical report that will detail all of the injuries you have sustained, so that you are awarded the maximum amount of compensation for the injury you have suffered, allowing you to focus on recovering from your injuries and getting back to the sport that you love. 
Time after time, it has been proven than working with our specialist sporting injury solicitors gives you the best chance of winning financial compensation in your claim, and ensuring that the claims process goes smoothly, and will usually be settled out of court. 
Your designated solicitor will be on hand at any time to discuss your claim, answer any questions that you may have, and will keep you regularly updated on any developments in your claim. 
For more information on our expert team, simply get in touch online, here, or by email at for a free, no-obligation chat about your potential sports injury claim

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