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Register your loved one's Enduring Power of Attorney today. 
It's no longer possible to make an Enduring Power of Attorney. However, for those people who have made them already, they were not invalidated when Lasting Powers of Attorney were introduced. It is still possible to register an Enduring Power of Attorney, if the Donor has already started to lose capacity. Our team at MG Legal can help register your loved one's Enduring Power of Attorney. 

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What is an Enduring Power of Attorney? 

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is a legal document that could be put in place prior to 1st October 2007, in which the person making it- known as the Donor- could give permission for certain people- their Attorneys- to make decisions on their behalf in relation to Property and Financial matters. You can find out more about what a ‘Donor’ and ‘Attorneys’ are, below. 

What is a Donor and who are Attorneys? 

The Donor is the person who is appointing other people to make decisions on their behalf. The Donor must be over the age of 18, and be capable of making their own decisions at the time that the Enduring Power of Attorney was made. In essence, they must be an adult who has mental capacity.  
Attorneys are the people appointed by the Donor to make decisions on their behalf. The Attorneys must also be over 18, and have capacity themselves. 

For initial advice about registering your loved one's Enduring Power of Attorney, or to arrange an appointment, contact our Enduring Power of Attorney Solicitors. 

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I have an Enduring Power of Attorney. Do I need Lasting Powers of Attorney? 

If your Enduring Power of Attorney was correctly completed and signed at the time it was made, and there have been no changes required to your Attorneys, then you may not need to make a Lasting Power of Attorney.  
However, our expert Lasting Power of Attorney Solicitors would advise that Enduring Power of Attorneys do not cover Health and Welfare decisions, so you may decide to make a Lasting Power of Attorney to cover these decisions, or to fully start a-fresh and make two new Lasting Powers of Attorney

Enduring Power of Attorney FAQs 

If you intend to make new Lasting Powers of Attorney, you should revoke your Enduring Power of Attorney. There are templates available for revoking the document on  
However, our team would recommend only revoking your Enduring Power of Attorney once your new Lasting Power of Attorney has been registered, so that your Enduring Power of Attorney can be used in the interim period, if required. 
Enduring Powers of Attorney should not be registered until the Donor begins to lose their mental capacity. The documents are registered with a public body, called the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) 
You can find out about the process of registered Enduring Powers of Attorney on, here. Alternatively, contact our team online, here. We can registered Enduring Powers of Attorney on your behalf, all for a fixed fee. 
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