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Have You Suffered an Allergic Reaction to Bananas? MG Legal's Expert Banana allergy compensation Solicitors Are Here for You 
Banana allergies, though not as commonly discussed as other food allergies, are a significant concern in the UK. If you've experienced an allergic reaction after eating bananas, particularly in a restaurant setting, MG Legal's team of skilled food allergy compensation solicitors is here to support you. 
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Understanding Banana Allergies in the UK 

Recent studies and statistics in the UK indicate a rising concern about food allergies, including those related to bananas. Over the past five years, there has been an increase in the number of people suffering from allergic reactions due to mislabelled foods or negligence in restaurants. This rise highlights the need for increased awareness and proper labelling in food establishments. 

The Risks of Banana Allergies in Restaurants 

Restaurants play a crucial role in safeguarding customers with food allergies. Unfortunately, miscommunication or lack of information about ingredients can lead to severe allergic reactions. In cases where you've suffered due to such negligence, you have the right to seek compensation. 

What are the symptoms of a banana allergy? 

Allergic reactions to banana vary widely and can include itching of the mouth and throat, an itchy rash (known as hives or urticaria) and swelling of the skin (known as angioedema). In rare cases there can be narrowing of the throat, wheezing and even collapse. In most cases, symptoms begin within seconds or minutes of eating the fruit. Click on the types of symptoms, below, to find out more. 
Banana allergy most commonly occurs in conjunction with an allergy to other foods, presenting as one of two types of oral allergy syndrome (affecting the mouth or throat). 
Pollen food syndrome occurs in some people with hay fever who are allergic to certain pollens, either from grass or weeds. In these cases, proteins in the pollen are so similar in structure to those present in certain plant foods that allergy symptoms occur when the food is eaten. This is due to a process known as cross-re-activity. The foods involved are certain fresh fruits and vegetables. Bananas can be one of those foods. 
Latex food syndrome occurs in some people who are allergic to natural rubber latex. In these cases, there is a similarity between the proteins in latex and those in bananas. 
With both conditions, severe symptoms are unlikely because the proteins causing the allergy are unstable and become destroyed when the food (in this case, banana) reaches the stomach. Also, most of the allergen is in the fruit’s skin or pips, so peeling the banana and removing the black seeds in the middle may reduce or eliminate symptoms. Symptoms are usually confined to the lips, mouth, tongue, throat or gullet. In most cases, people with either of these types of oral allergies are advised that they do not need to carry adrenaline auto-injectors. 
Banana allergy is also known to occur in people who are not allergic to pollen or natural rubber latex. This form of banana allergy is rare, but those affected are at much greater risk of a severe allergic reaction. The symptoms may affect not only the mouth and skin but there may also be breathing difficulty and/or a drop in blood pressure which may lead to loss of consciousness. These are the symptoms of anaphylaxis, a serious life-threatening allergic reaction. People who are at risk of anaphylaxis are usually prescribed adrenaline auto-injector devices, which must always be available and should be used as soon as a serious reaction is suspected. 
Anyone who suspects they or their child has a banana allergy should see their GP and request a referral to an NHS allergy clinic. 

How is a banana allergy diagnosed? 

Specialised allergy tests, which are more accurate than the earlier tests, have recently become available. They can often tell the specialist not only whether an allergy is likely to be present but can also identify the culprit protein, and even indicate which protein family it belongs to. Such tests can help the specialist determine the likelihood of a severe reaction and whether a prescription for an adrenaline auto-injector is advisable. 
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Banana Allergy FAQs 

In all cases of banana allergy, avoiding bananas is advisable, but it is especially important in the severe form of banana allergy. Be careful of fruit salads, fruit drinks and anything else which might have bananas as an ingredient. If you are prescribed a medicine by your doctor, check that banana flavouring hasn't been added. One medical journal reports on an eight-year-old girl who suffered an allergic reaction within one hour of taking an oral dose of penicillin containing banana essence as a flavouring additive. Also be careful of personal care products and toiletries, such as shampoos and body lotions. Always read the ingredient lists. 
In milder cases (where banana allergy is related to pollen food syndrome or latex food syndrome) avoiding bananas is still important. If a reaction does occur, stop eating the food and wash your mouth out with water. Although a severe reaction is unlikely, you may wish to take an antihistamine tablet. This may help, but symptoms usually disappear quickly on their own (usually in less than two hours), so antihistamine tablets are likely to have little impact. 
Most people with a fruit allergy related to pollen food syndrome or latex food syndrome can tolerate their culprit fruits once cooked. This is because the protein that causes the reaction is likely to be deactivated by heat. 
If you are allergic to bananas, cross-reactivity with latex may mean you also react to avocado, kiwi or chestnut. People with a banana allergy sometimes also experience oral reactions to other fruits such as peach, olive and tomato, and raw vegetables such as bell pepper and carrot. 
If you know or suspect you have a banana allergy, getting expert medical advice is vital. See your GP in the first instance. 
If your allergy is diagnosed as potentially severe and you are prescribed adrenaline auto-injectors, make sure you carry them with you at all times and know how to use them. 
Yes, you may require a medical assessment as part of your banana allergy compensation claim. MG Legal collaborates with top local gastroenterology experts to prepare a detailed medical report on your behalf. This report is crucial in establishing the extent of your allergic reaction and its impact on your life. 

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MG Legal's Approach to your Banana Food Allergy Compensation Claim 

Our team of food allergy compensation specialists at MG Legal has an impressive track record, successfully settling over 99% of food allergy claims on a no win no fee basis. We understand the physical and emotional distress caused by allergic reactions, and we're committed to helping you get the compensation you deserve. 

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We operate on a no win no fee basis, ensuring that you face no financial risk when pursuing your claim. This approach allows you to seek justice without worrying about upfront costs. 

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Our experienced solicitors are adept at entering into settlement negotiations, fighting tirelessly to win the compensation you rightfully deserve. With our expertise, we ensure that your case is handled efficiently and effectively, aiming for the best possible outcome. 

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