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Will writing  solicitors near me. 

It's never too early to start looking after your family or loved ones. If you die without leaving a Will, your estate will be shared out according to the Laws of Intestacy: this can be complicated, taking months or even years, and can often be at a great expense. 
MG Legal's expert Will writing solicitors can draft your Will as quickly as you need it. So, whether you would like your Will completing the same day, or you would like to consider your options for longer, our expert team are here to handle your matter as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. 

Get in touch and talk to a wills and trusts expert today. 

MG Legal's expert private client solicitors are experienced in dealing with all aspects of Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate Matters and Estate Administration.  
Often neglected by many, the writing of a Will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign. Your Will can determine the legacy you leave behind after you’re gone, and determine who your money, property and any other hard-earned assets will be left to. 
While most people choose to divide their assets among family members, it is entirely up to you how you wish your Estate to be distributed. For a confidential Will writing service without judgement, contact MG Legal’s solicitors for Wills below. 

How can our expert will writing solicitors help you today? 

Remember, we’re not just experts at drafting Wills. Our team can provide specialist advice on all aspects of Wills, Trusts, Probate and Estate Administration. Click on the links below to find out more about the services our team offers. 

Why do I need to make a Will? 

Firstly, to avoid inheritance being decided by the rules of intestacy which are derived from the Administration of Estates Act 1925, as amended, and which apply to property which is capable of being left by your Will. 
• A Will is a flexible instrument enabling you to determine who is to benefit from your estate and the terms and conditions upon which they inherit. 
• You appoint executors and trustees of your own choice, whereas on an intestacy, the choice is determined by court rules (rule 22 of the Non-Contentious Probate Rules 1987). 
• A Will can incorporate additional powers for the Executors and Trustees which may be of assistance if, for example you want to include a Trust for children. 
• You may appoint guardians for any minor children. 
• There may be tax advantages in a carefully drafted Will. 
• There may, under certain circumstances, be an opportunity to plan for future care home fees or for a disabled or vulnerable beneficiary where perhaps you might prefer not to give an absolute interest which might, for instance, affect the beneficiary’s entitlement to state benefits. 
• Making a Will is likely to give you peace of mind that following your death, your affairs will be dealt in accordance with your wishes. 

What can I leave to others in my Will? 

Your Will may dispose of all assets held in your sole name, such as land and personal belongings, but can also dispose of intangible assets e.g. contractual rights, benefits and other interests which are capable of being transferred or assigned to another person. If you own property as “tenants in common” then your share of that property is also capable of being passed under your Will. 

The benefits of appointing a professional executor such as MG Legal. 

There are advantages in appointing professional executors. They should be skilled and experienced in the administration of estates (we would suggest that you check the professional qualifications of the staff to ensure they have the required expertise). A professional executor will charge a fee for their services and, in return for that fee, you can expect the estate to be administered by a fee earner who is familiar with the applicable laws, has practical experience and, of course, you will also have the security offered by the firm. 

Will MG Legal store my Will? 

Absolutely. We are happy to store any Will drafted by us, free of charge. 
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