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Mirror Wills from £325.00 plus VAT 

Make a Will, with someone else who has similar wishes to yours.  
At MG Legal, our fixed-fee mirror Wills are perfect for spouses, civil partners, and partners who want to make Wills, in almost the same terms. Our team will make the process easy, quick, and all for an affordable fixed fee. 
We store all Wills free of charge, and register them with Certainty, the National Will Register. 

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For initial advice about making mirror Wills, or to arrange an appointment, contact our Will writing Solicitors. 

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What are mirror Wills? 

Mirror Wills are when two people, usually couples such as spouses, partners, civil partners, or cohabitees, make Wills which are on similar terms. They usually 'mirror' each other, hence the term 'mirror Wills'. Mirror Wills mean that each separate person has their own Will, but the terms of both are almost identical, except generally for the fact that the names of the other person feature in each respective Will.  
Mirror Wills are often called 'Joint Wills' or 'mirror image Wills', and our Will writing solicitors would explain that these terms are all interchangeable. Put simply, no matter what kind of Wills you need, if you making them with your significant other, you are likely to hear the term mirror Wills used. 
A common example of mirror Wills are when two people make a Will each, leaving everything to each other, then to their children or grandchildren. 

How much do mirror Wills cost? 

A single Will costs £175.00 plus VAT, which is discounted for mirror Wills to the affordable fixed-fee of £325.00 plus VAT. This fee includes an initial appointment with a Will writer to discuss your Will requirements, receive advice about your estate, and answer any questions you might have about the process. This appointment generally last 30 minutes to 1 hour.  
We will prepare your Wills, make reasonable amendments, and arrange for you to sign the final versions. Our team will act as your witnesses, in one of our offices, or we can arrange to send your final Wills to you with instructions on how to sign. Once signed, we will store your original Wills and register them with Certainty, the National Will Register, all for no additional cost. 

Home visit Will writing services 

When it comes to making a Will, we believe it's important for everyone to have access to our team of local solicitors. If you aren't able to attend one of our offices, or if you would prefer to have a chat from the comfort of your own home, our Will writing solicitors can assist with home visits available by appointment. 
Contact our team to discuss arranging a home visit, here
Home visit Will writing services

Will a mirror Will work best for me? 

Mirror Wills are near-identical documents, whereby couples make Wills on almost-similar terms. If you both want to include different provisions in your Wills, our Will writing Solicitors would suggest each making your own single Will, in which you can make your own specific gifts and wishes known. 

Advantages of mirror Wills 

If you and your significant other want to make Wills reflecting one another, it can be more cost effective to make mirror Wills, as the price for these is only £325 plus VAT, compared to £175 plus VAT for a single Will. 
If you die without a Will, this is known as dying intestate. In these cases, the Rules of Intestacy apply, meaning the law dictates who should receive your estate. If you're not married or in a civil partnership, this will mean your significant other won't benefit. 
Mirror Wills can be an easy to understand and affordable way of making Wills, ensuring you benefit your loved ones on your death. 

Disadvantages of mirror Wills 

Mirror Wills do not bind people into having the same Wills forever. When one person dies from the couple, the other could change their Will and change the terms of the Will. To deal with this issue, you could include a trust in your Wills. It is imperative you seek legal advice from expert Will writing solicitors. 
Some couples can fall into the trap of ensuring their Wills are mirrored, and later realising their wishes aren't aligned. It's therefore important to ensure you and your significant other definitely want the same things when you die before proceeding with mirror Wills. 

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All prices exclude VAT. We pride ourselves on our transparent fixed fees, with no hidden charges. 
Our Will writing fees include the registration of your Wills with Certainty and the free storage of your Wills for your lifetime.  

For initial advice about making a Will, or to arrange an appointment, contact our Will writing Solicitors. 

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