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Rugby Injury Claims 

Rugby is renowned for being a high-contact sport with a lot of fast- moving action. Because of this, injuries often occur as part of the game, and are mostly unavoidable. Still, this is not always the case. 
If you have been injured while playing rugby and it was caused by the recklessness or negligence of somebody else, outside of the parameters of the game itself, then you could be eligible to make a rugby injury claim for financial compensation with one of our specialist sporting injury claims solicitors. 

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What are rugby injury claims? 

Rugby injury claims are a type of claim for sporting injury compensation after suffering from injures in a sporting accident that was not your fault. Our sporting injury claims solicitors are experts in these types of claims, and work to prove that the injuries that you have sustained have been caused by the reckless or negligent actions of somebody else. 

What can I make a rugby injury claim for? 

There are a number of different events and accidents that can lead to rugby injury claims being made for personal injury compensation. When you make a claim, our sporting injury claims solicitors help you to get your finances, and life, back on track.  
If your sporting injury wasn't your fault, then you shouldn't be out of pocket. Everyone has bills to pay, and when you contact MG Legal, we will move swiftly to start your rugby injury claim, and keep your initial out of pocket losses, to an absolute minimum.  
Some of the claims our sporting injury claim solicitors have settled for our clients include injuries arising out of the following situations: 
Tackles of a violent and reckless nature that go beyond the usual standard in the game 
Assault from another player, match officials, or spectators 
Poor advice from coaches or trainers that lead to unnecessary injury of their players 
Defective equipment in the rugby stadium or rugby training facilities that lead to injury 
Poorly managed or dangerous pitches causing injury 
These are just a few examples of the scenarios that can lead to rugby injury claims.  
Essentially, if you have been injured while playing rugby, or while in attendance at a rugby venue, and it was caused by the negligence, recklessness, or violence of somebody else, then you could make a rugby injury claim with our specialist sporting injury claims solicitors. 

What type of injuries can I make a rugby injury claim for? 

There are no real limits or regulations to the types of injuries that you can claim compensation for in a rugby injury claim. If you have been injured in any way, you could be eligible to make a rugby injury claim. Still, there are some injuries that our rugby injury claims specialists commonly see. 
These include: 
Rib damage 

How do I prove that my rugby injury was somebody else’s fault? 

This is where the specialist sporting injury claims solicitors come in. When you choose to work with MG Legal, your designated injury solicitor will get to work straight away on gathering all of the evidence for your claim. This will include medical evidence of your injuries, which will be obtained through a full medical report from a huge range of medical specialists, depending on the types of injuries that you have sustained. With all of the evidence, and using relevant case law, your sporting injury solicitor will then set to work on establishing the negligence involved in the accident, and proving who was to blame for your injuries. 
Depending on the circumstances of the accident, rugby injury claims can be made against a number of different people. These include: 
Another individual- if you have been injured because of an act of violence, then you claim would be made as a criminal injury claim against the person who assaulted you and caused injury 
A coach- if your coach has offered inadequate training advice or advised you to do something that has caused you injury, the claim could be made against the coach or the organisation that they are a part of 
The venue- if you are injured because of defective equipment or bad pitch conditions, a rugby injury claim could be made against the rugby stadium or training facility that caused this 

How much is my rugby injury claim worth? 

Every rugby injury claim is different, the injuries people sustain vary, as do the effects on their lives. From injuries to the head, neck and upper body, or broken bones, personal injury compensation, often called general damages, is based upon the nature and severity of the injuries sustained, and the kinds of injuries. See a full overview of general damages, here.  
The best way to answer the question of, how much personal injury compensation will I receive, is to contact MG Legal’s personal injury compensation solicitors and we will ensure that the best medical treatment is sought for you, and a medical report is compiled, detailing all of your injuries, and how your life has been affected as a result of your injury sustained on a construction site. The below table of estimations was created by our sporting injury claims solicitors, using the Judicial College guidelines. 
Injury description: 
Estimated compensation amount: 
Very severe brain damage after a rugby injury- little meaningful response to environment 
Moderately severe brain damage from a rugby accident- serious disability and constant care needed 
Minor brain damage or head injury after a rugby accident- minimal brain damage, if any  
Back injuries- cases of disc lesions or fractures of discs or of vertebral bodies or soft tissue injuries leading to chronic conditions where, despite treatment, there remains disabilities such as continued pain and discomfort 
£36,390.00 to £65,440.00 
Back injuries after a rugby accident- less serious strains, sprains, prolapses, soft tissue or fracture injuries where a full recovery or recovery to nuisance level takes place without surgery within about two to five years 
£7,410.00 to £11,730.00 
Arm fracture from a rugby accident- a simple fracture of the forearm 
£6,190 to £18,020 
Elbow fracture after a rugby accident- a simple fracture to the elbow 
Up to £11,820 
Leg fracture because of a rugby accident- simple fractures to a femur with no damage to the articular surfaces 
£8,550 to £13,210 
Ankle fractured in a rugby accident- a simple and undisplaced fractured ankle, varying on the likelihood of a full recovery 
Up to £12,900 
Foot fracture after a rugby accident- simple metatarsal fractures 
Up to £12,900 
Toe fracture- a simple fractured toe 
Up to £9,010 

How long do I have to make a rugby injury claim? 

Rugby injury claims are subject to the same rules and time limits that all personal injury claims must abide to. These come from the Limitation Act of 1980, which states that an injury claim for financial compensation must be made within three years of when the injuries occurred, or the date at which you were made aware of the injuries, if this was a later date. 
If you are making a rugby injury claim on behalf of your child, you instead have until the date of their 18th birthday to make the rugby injury claim. At this point, your child has a further three years, or until their 21st birthday, within which to make a claim on their own behalf. 
While these time limits may seem like a long time, it is important to remember that the process of making rugby injury claims can be a long and complex one, even for our specialist sporting injury claims solicitors. Because of this, it is always recommended to get in touch with a specialist solicitors, such as MG Legal, as soon as possible, and get the ball rolling on your rugby injury claim. 

Make a NO WIN NO FEE rugby injury claim with MG Legal: 

Playing rugby, as with any other sport, can lead to injury. Still, you should be able to take part and play the sport that you love without worrying about sustaining any injuries because of the actions or negligence of any other people. If this has happened, you need the help of a specialist sporting injury claims solicitor to help you make a rugby injury claim for financial compensation. 
Here at MG Legal, we offer a free, no-obligation discussion to all potential clients about their potential claim. If we believe that your injury was caused by negligence, we will accept your rugby injury claim on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, allowing you to make the claim with no financial risk involved. 
For more information on our expert team, and how we can help you make a claim for financial compensation for your injuries, simply get in touch with us online, here. Alternatively, email us at , and a specialist solicitor will be back in touch with you within one working hour. 
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