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No Win No Fee Fracture Injury Solicitors  

Any and all kinds of fractured bones and broken bones can be extremely painful, and are normally accompanied with a substantial recovery time or prognosis for the injury. It can be difficult to get yourself back on track with your routine and work schedule after facing a fracture or breakage, and you could find yourself seeking some financial compensation for your burdening injury. 
If you have a bone fracture or breakage that was not your fault, and are seeking to pursue a claim for some financial compensation, contact MG Legal’s No Win No Fee injury solicitors. 

What is the difference between a fracture and a break? 

Medically speaking, a bone that has suffered from a crack of any kind, whether partial or all the way through is called a fracture. Here in the UK, we often use the phrase ‘broken bone’ for this kind of crack, or fracture, that goes all the way through the bone. Essentially, therefore, there is no real difference between the two terms.  
A broken bone that has suffered a crack all the way through, and has damaged the surrounding tissue at the same time, is much more complicated to heal than a smaller, more simple fracture. 

What are the different kinds of fractured bones? 

A simple fracture- this consists of a single, simple crack going through a bone that has caused no further damage to the surrounding tissue or the skin. 
Transverse fractures- this is a fracture of the bone in a single, straight line. 
Partial fracture- an incomplete crack or fracture in the bone.  
Spiral fracture- a spiral fracture is one that essentially spirals around the bone. It is commonly caused by a twisting, spiral force, from things such as machinery. 
Compression fracture- this kind of bone fracture occurs when a bone is crushed by a force, and creates a broken bone that is wider in appearance. These fractures can commonly occur to the spine, and even cause a collapsed vertebra. 
Stress fracture- often known also as hairline fractures, these bone fractures look like small cracks that only partially go through the bone. 
Oblique fracture- this is a fracture that is diagonal across the bone.  
Displaced fracture- many other kinds of fractures can also be displaced fractures. This is where, as part of the fracture, the bone has become misaligned. This requires medical attention to be brought, or popped, back into place. 

How much is my fracture compensation claim worth? 

Broken bones and fractures bones can vary hugely in severity, complexity, and prognosis time. The main factor determining this is which kind of fracture has happened and which bone has been injured. 
The expected compensation for the injury alone, known as general damages, can be estimated using the Judicial College guidelines. The amount for different fractures based on these guidelines can be seen below. 
However, you could achieve further compensation for fractures, known as special damages. These cover: 
Fracture rehabilitation and treatment 
Loss of any earnings during recovery 
Potential loss of earnings for any long-term or permanent damage 
Travel expenses 
Specialist equipment 
Type of fracture: 
Expexted compensation amount: 
Spinal fracture- injuries involving serious fractures to the discs in the cervical spine, which give rise to disabilties of considerable severity, such as damage to the brachial plexus. 
£61,710 to £122,860 
Spinal fracture- injuries causing fractures, dislocations, or severe damage to soft tissues and/or ruptured tendons that lead to chronic conditions and serious disability of a permanent nature. 
£42,680 to £52,540 
Spinal fractures- such as lumbar or compression fractures where there is a serious risk of osteoarthiritis as well as constant pain and discomfort. 
£26,050 to £36,390 
Spinal fractures- fractures and dislocations which require immediate symptoms which are severe in nature and may necessitate a spinal fusion.  
£23,460 to £36,120 
Hip and pelvis fractures- involving both ischial and pubic rami and resulting in impotence.  
£58,100 to £73,580 
Hip and pelvis fractures- a fracture of the hip's acetabulum with subsequent instability and possible future hip replacement surgery, or a fracture of an arthritic femur, or a fracture resulting in a hip replacement that is only partially sucessful.  
£36,770 to £49,270 
Arm fracture- where there is a serious fracture of one or both forearms and significant disability as a result.  
£36,770 to £56,180 
Arm fracture- a simple fracture of the forearm. 
£6,190 to £18,020 
Elbow fracture- a simple fracture to the elbow. 
Up to £11,820 
Wrist fracture- uncomplicated Colles' fractured wrist. 
Up to £6,970 
Hand fracture- fracture to the fingers in a serious way, possibly leading to partial amputations  
Up to £34,380 
Leg fracture- where multiple fractures have taken many years to heal, required extensive treatment and led to a serious disability and deformity, also where movement is now limited. 
£51,460 to £85,600 
Leg fracture- where a serious compound or comminuted fracture has occured.  
£36,790 to £51,460 
Leg fracture- a serious fracture or multiple fractures, generally to a single limb. 
£26,050 to £36,790 
Leg fracture- such as those from which an incomplete recovery is made, such as a metal implant, defective gait, or loss of senses is the long-term result.  
£16,860 to £26,050 
Leg fracture- simple fractures to a femur with no damage to the articular surfaces. 
£8,550 to £13,210 
Leg fracture- simple fracture to the tibia or fibula  
Up to £11,110 
Knee fracture- a fracture to the leg which has extended into the knee joint, causing a pain which is permanent, constant, and limits movement. 
£48,920 to £65,440 
Ankle fracture- fracture and ligament tears which cause minor diabilitirs such as a prolonged difficulty when walking on an uneve ground or difficulty walking for long periods of time. 
£12,900 to £24,950  
Ankle fracture- a simple and undisplaced fractured ankle, varying on the likelihood of a full recovery. 
Up to £12,900 
Foot fracture- the serious fracture of both heels or feet, with a substantial restriction on mobility and a considerable amount of pain.  
£39,390 to £65,710 
Foot fracture- a displaces metatarsal fracture resulting in permanent deformity and continuing symptoms. There could also be a risk for future osteoarthritis and future surgery being necessary. 
£12,900 to £23,460 
Foot fracture- simple metatarsal fractures. 
Up to £12,900 
Toe fracture- a simple fractured toe. 
Up to £9,010 

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Is there a time limit for my fracture compensation claim? 

You usually always have to make any fracture personal injury claims within three years of the accident or injury occurring. Still, this is not always the case. There is no time limit if you are pursuing a fracture injury claim for: 
Someone who does not themselves have the mental capacity to make their own claim 
A child who is under the age of eighteen. Minors will have three years from the date of their 18th birthday to do so. 

No Win No Fee fracture personal injury solicitors at MG Legal: 

Our serious injury team, specialising in fracture and broken bones, is made up of experienced personal injury solicitors, with over 30 years' experience in winning no win no fee personal injury claims for our clients. When you instruct the no win no fee personal injury solicitors at MG Legal, we always ensure to build a close, working relationship with all of our clients, and work with them, until the conclusion of their case. Our aim is to make the process as stress-free as possible for all of our clients. 
Our solicitors will ensure to always fight as hard as humanly possible to achieve for you the full compensation you deserve for your fracture, and all of our no win no fee solicitors are well experienced in requesting any interim compensations and payments for any lost money or wages in the meantime. We also have a success rate in excess of 99%, so when you work with MG Legal, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with a team of no win no fee personal injury solicitors, who know exactly how to run a successful claim for personal injury compensation.  
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Claim up to £122,860 for your Fracture personal injury claim with MG Legal. 
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