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What are the most common types of hip injury compensation claims? 

Hip injuries can obviously happen to anybody, at any age. However, it is no secret that older people are more susceptible to hip problems and injuries, as their bones become weaker. This means that a simple, seemingly minor, slip couls result in a serious hip injury, such as those below.  
Fractured Pelvis- Any kind of fracture to the pelvis area will be extremely painful. 
Dislocated Hip- This can happen when the joint in the hip which is ball-shaped pops out of its socket within the pelvis. More often than not, a dislocated hip will require hospital treatment and surgery. 
Snapping hip syndrome- This is less common than a fracture or a dislocation, but equally as painful. The condition can be caused by one of three problems. The hip flexor can snap across the front of the hip joint, the IT band can snap along the outer thigh, or the cartilage that surrounds the hip socket itself could snap. 
Hip Bursitis- With bursitis, the bursa along the outside of the hip joint can become inflamed, leading to swelling and pain. 
Osteoarthritis- Unsurprisingly, as the most common kind of arthritis, osteoarthritis can impact the hip, leading to pain and stiffness. 

How much is my hip injury compensation claim worth? 

There are a large range of injuries that the hip, or pelvis, can incur. These range from major injuries that limit your ability to walk, to minor muscle damages and strains. As is the case with all personal injury claims, the amount of financial compensation payout that you can expect for your hip injury compensation claims varies a lot depending on the type of injury that you have, and the severity of it. 
Our expert personal injury solicitors have put together the below table, with reference to the 15th edition of the Judicial College’s guidelines for the assessment of general damages in personal injury cases. It is important to also recognise that these amounts are for the compensation available for the injuries themselves only, and do not take into consideration other aspects, such as loss of earnings or care costs. These fall under special damages, which can be worked out and awarded on top of any general damages. For a full overview of general and special damages, see here. 
Hip Injury: 
Potential Compensation: 
Severe hip injuries- extensive fractures of the pelvis area involving, for example, dislocation of a lower back joint and a ruptured bladder, or resulting in spinal fusion and accompanying intolerable pain.  
£73,580 to £122,860 
Severe hip injuries- where there are particular features distinguishing from the above. 
£58,100 to £73,580 
Severe hip injuries- many accidents fall within this bracket. It covers fractures of the acetabulum leading to leg instability and making a hip replacement surgery likely in the future. 
£36,770 to £49,270 
Moderate hip injuries- significant injury to the hip or pelvis, but with minor disability and limited future risk.  
£24,950 to £36,770 
Moderate hip injuries- cases involving hip replacement or other surgeries that have been carried out sucessfully.  
£11,820 to £24,950 
Lesser hip injuries- where despite the injury there is little or no disability, and recovery is achieved somewhere around the two year mark.  
£3,710 to £11,820 
Minor soft tissue injury with complete recovery. 
Up to £3,710 

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Types of hip injury claims: 

Unfortunately, some hip injuries, such as arthrits, can be pre-destined for some people. Still, many hip fractures and pelvis dislocations are the result of somebody taking a fall, slipping on something, or a car accident. 
1. Road Traffic Accident-  
Many road traffic accidents can cause a sudden, intense impact on all of the joints and bones in the body, this includes the hip and pelvis area. All kinds of road users, such as drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians, are at risk of suffering from hip injuries as a result of road traffic accidents. 
Whether the accident was the fault of another road user, spillages and debris on the road, potholes and uneven surfaces, or even car doors opening in your path, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your hip injuries. 
2. Accidents at Work- 
Our personal injury solicitors here at MG Legal have worked on, and won, a huge number of financial compensation claims that have involved workplace accidents. These can occur from a huge number of mistakes, such as inadequate training, lack of PPE, defective equipment, or factory incidents, and can all lead to damage and an injured hip or pelvis area. 
3. Slips, Trips, and Falls- 
When out and about in our everyday life, there are a number of accidents that can occur in public places leading to hip injuries. Any public company, like a bar or restauraunt, has a legal responsibility to clean up, or make customers aware of, any spillages or potential hazards. But this does not always happen. These also include accidents in shops or supermarkets, trips on pavements or uneven surfaces, sporting accidents in gyms or other sports facilities, or accidents in parks and pay areas, to name a few. 
Many hip injuries also happen as a result of medical negligence. If you have obtained hip injuries due to the negligence of a medical professional, see here. 

How long do I have to make a hip injury claim? 

The time limits invovled in personal injury compensation claims are based off of the 1980 Limitation Act. The Act states that people have exactly three years from the date of the injury to complete their personal injury compensation claim. Or, if an injury becomes apparent later, you have three years from this date onwards to put forwaed a claim for financial compensation.  
It should be noted that these rules are not in place for minors. Those under the age of 18 who have suffered a hip injury have instead 3 years from their 18th birthday to pursue their claim, if this has not already been done by a parent or guardian. Further, these time limits are different if you are acting for someone with limited capacity, and if you are acting as guardian or subject to a lasting power of attorney. 

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