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No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims: 

MG Legal's leading personal injury solicitors accept all personal injury claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis, and have a success rate of over 99%. 
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Types of foot injury claims:  

As with all parts of the body, there are different kinds of injuries that can occur to the foot, and these injuries fall into different degrees of severity.  
As a general rule, in terms of personal injury claims, these injuries can be broken down into six groups, as found in the 15th edition of the Judicial College guidelines for general damages. These are:- 
Minor foot injuries- this includes the likes of simple sprains, fractures, strains to the muscle, or swelling of the entire foot or the toes  
Moderate foot injuries- ligament tears, displaced metatarsel fractures 
Serious foot injuries- those leading to continuing pain from arthiritis, or creating a risk of future arthirits  
Severe foot injuries- fractures to both feet/heels, or severe damage to one foot, such as those requiring extensive surgeries or causing osteoporosis  
Very severe foot injuries- this includes injuries that cause permanent pain or disability, or the amputation of one foot  
Amputation of both feet- this is the most severe foot injury possible 

A Foot Injury Claim case study: 

In recent months, our team of expert personal injury solicitors have settled a foot injury personal injury case on behalf of a client who received in excess of £100,000 in financial compensation. 
Our client, Mr W, was one of the people who was injured in a building site accident involving a fork-lift truck. Unfortunately, as a result of the accident, he suffered from a serious foot injury which resulted in, among other injuries, the amputation of his toe. 
After taking on the case on a No Win No Fee basis, and beginning the process of representing Mr W in his claim, our local personal injury solicitors specialising in accidents at work, set to work on establishing the circumstances surrounding the incident and who was at fault. After working hard to investigate and understand exactly what had happened in the fork-lift accident, Mr W’s personal solicitor here at MG Legal felt comfortable in establishing that his employer was at fault for the incident. 
We identified numerous negligent actions on their behalf, including failing to provide adequate training and exposing their employees to a foreseeable risk of injury. After establishing these mistakes, our solicitors set to work on collecting and recording all of the costs and losses of income that Mr W had suffered from as a result of his foot injury. These included care costs, loss of earnings, rehabilitation, and medication costs. 
Due to the strength of the client's injury claim, our personal injury solicitors had no problem in obtaining admission of liability straigh away. This left our expert personal injury solicitors to quantify the appropriate amount of financial compensation for both general and special damages. 

How long do I have to make a foot injury claim? 

Generally speaking, if you have been injured as a result of someone else's negligent actions, you have three years from the date of the negligence, or the date you know about the negligence, to pursue a claim for personal injury. In most cases, such as road traffic accidents, medical negligence, or industrial accidents, this will be immediately after the accident takes place. However, the injuries that you have sustained, or the severity of said injuries, may not become clear until some time after the accident has occurred. If this is the case, then you have three years from that point onwards to pursue your personal injury claim. 
Subject to the Limitation Act of 1980, there are exceptions to these regulations. For minors who are under eighteen at the time of an injury occurring, then they have three years from the time of their eighteenth birthday to pursue the claim. As long as they make the claim before they turn 21, regardless of how old they were when the injury took place, then this is a valid claim. 
Exceptions to these time limits also apply when you are pursuing a personal injury claim on behalf of someone who has limited mental capacity, and more lenience is often given to the time taken in pursuing the claim. 

How much is my foot injury claim worth? 

As is the case with all personal injury claims, the amount of financial compensation that you will be entitled to depends largely on what category of severity that your injury falls into. 
It is important to remember that every single injury, and every single personal injury case is different, so it is impossible to accurately determine an exact number that your injury could win until the claim process begins. It is also important to remember that any estimation of predicted financial compensation covers only the injury, or general damages, itself. This does not take into account added things such as loss of earnings, potential loss of future earnings, or care costs. 
However, the Judicial College’s guidelines for general damages does offer some suggestions as to what each category of injury could achieve in court. 
Expected compensation: 
Amputation of both feet 
£158,970 to £189,110  
Amputation of one foot 
£78,800 to £102,890 
Very severe injuries, such as those resulting in permanent disability 
£78,800 to £102,890 
Severe injuries, such as fractures of both heels, or fractures resulting in restricted mobility 
£39,390 to £65,710 
Serious injuries, such as those leading to permanent arthritis 
£23,460 to £36,790 
Moderate injuries, such as metatarsal fractures requiring possible future surgery 
£12,900 to £23,460 
Modest injuries, such as simple fractures or ruptured ligaments 
Up to £12,900 

How can MG Legal's personal injury solicitors help me with my foot injury claim? 

Here at MG Legal, our expert personal injury solicitors have over thirty years of experience in the field. In this time, they have settled, and won, thosands of cases, and have won tens of millions of pounds of compensation for their clients.  
This assertive way of working has allowed our experts to accumulate a 99% success rate in all personal injury and medical negligence claims over the years. Read a collection of our reviews, here
As we are so confident in the abilities of our expert solicitors, we accept all of our claims on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that if we do not succeed in winning compensation for your injury, we do not get paid for our work, and our client does not owe us anything. 
Contact our personal injury solcitors online, here, or vie email at .  
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