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What is a back injury claim? 

Quite simply, any type of injury to the back or spine will fall into this category, although some of the most common categories are: 
Spinal cord injuries; the most devastating of all injuries, often result in full or partial loss of movement or sensation in the limbs. Even less serious spinal cord injuries can cause lifelong pain or weakness.  
Injury to the vertebrae; whilst these can sometimes go hand-in-hand with spinal cord injuries, some injuries to the vertebrae can be less serious, but still incredibly painful and debilitating. 
Injury to the discs; the soft discs between the vertebrae are more vulnerable to injury and so, even if you do not have spinal cord or vertebral injuries, injuries to the discs can still leave significant pain, weakness and a risk of disc prolapse which often needs a surgical procedure as treatment. 
Muscular or ligamentous injuries; these can be any of the muscles or ligaments in the upper, mid or lower back. These injuries can sometimes be permanent, or leave some permanent residual symptoms but often a full recovery is achieved, albeit after some considerable time and usually after treatment, whether surgical or less intrusive options such as physiotherapy. 
If you have sustained any type of injury to the back due to negligence of another party, MG Legal’s specialist personal injury solicitors are equipped to deal with your claim. We have dealt with a range of cases over combined decades of experience including life-changing injuries following major pedestrian road traffic accidents to less complex, but no less important to us, soft tissue injuries.  
Contact MG Legal via phone, email or web-contact form and we will ensure that we speak to you the same working day. We don’t employ middle-men or operate via call-centres or agents and so, when you speak to someone from our offices, you will be speaking to someone who will be involved in the day to day running of your case from the start to finish of the matter. All of our initial consultations for personal injury claims are free of charge and with a view to accepting your claim on a no win no fee agreement. Contact MG Legal and we will have the ball rolling the same day. 

Types of back injury claims? 

Just the same as other types of injury, there is no one cause of back injuries, however, the most common are the following: 
Road Traffic Accidents; from the more serious spinal injuries more often found in pedestrian road traffic accidents, motorbike road traffic accidents or cyclist road traffic accidents to the common “whiplash” soft tissue injuries. 
Accidents at Work; whether a serious crush injury from a major industrial accident to slipped discs, strains and sprains caused by poor manual handling training, the workplace is a very common location for people to sustain this type of injury. This type of claim can also include situations where you develop back injury over a period of time due to poor working systems of conditions. 
Public Liability incidents, such as slipping and tripping incidents, can cause injury to the back as often a fall is unexpected and many surfaces, whether pavements, supermarket floors or other public premises have hard floors. It is common for people to strain and pull muscles trying to regain their balance and so, even if you do not actually fall, it is still possible to sustain a back injury. 
Other public liability claims such as defective products ( a chair that collapses under you, for example), outdoor activities where you are not protected or warned about risks, claims against a landlord for failing to repair your home such as affixing or repairing handrails or stairways, gyms and sports centres not giving you a proper induction or having faulty equipment. 
Clinical Negligence; whether by misdiagnosis, missed opportunities or surgical error, clinical negligence, also known as medical negligence, can be a cause of back injuries. In this type of case, it is possible to have sustained an initial injury through no fault of your own, but if a medical professional misses an injury, prescribes the wrong treatment or does not advise you not to do something, any further injury or delay in your recovery is in itself an injury and you can make a claim for this. 
Criminal injuries; where due to an assault or other criminal act, you suffer and injury -the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) route is slightly different but can still be pursued on a no win no fee basis. See a full overview of the process, here. 
Whatever the circumstances, if you believe you have sustained an injury that was due to someone else’s negligence, you are most likely entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation. MG Legal’s team of expert personal injury solicitors are ready to help you and we will always look to have the ball rolling the same day, with all accepted claims handled on a no win no fee agreement basis so that you do not have to worry about funding your legal representation at the same time as dealing with the pain and difficulty caused by an injury. 

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How much is my back injury claim worth? 

The table, found below, illustrates some of the figures that our injured clients can receive for their back and spinal injury.  
Our solicitors are however, abundantly aware that each and every one of our injured clients will suffer differently, and some may incur lost earnings, whilst some may not. The table below, gives some general idea about the amounts that can be awarded; but at MG Legal, our solicitors go the extra mile to ensure all of your out of pocket expenses are recovered, in addition to your claim for personal injury.  
Cases of the most severe spinal injury involving damage to the spinal cord and nerve roots, leading to a combination of very serious consequences. A combination of incomplete paralysis and significantly impaired function. 
Awards range between £85,470.00 and £151,070.00 
Cases which have special features. Such features include nerve root damage with associated loss of sensation, impaired mobility. 
Awards range between £69,600.00 and £82,980.00 
Cases of disc lesions or fractures of discs or of vertebral bodies or soft tissue injuries leading to chronic conditions where, despite treatment, there remains disabilities such as continued pain and discomfort. 
Awards range between £36,390.00 and £65,440.00 
Cases where any residual disability is of less severity than above. This includes compression/crush fractures with substantial risk of osteoarthritis and constant pain and discomfort. 
Awards range between £26,050.00 and £36,390.00 
Many frequently encountered injuries to the back such as disturbance of ligaments and muscles giving rise to backache, soft tissue injuries resulting in prolonged acceleration and/or exacerbation of pre-existing back condition, usually by five years of more or prolapsed discs necessitating laminectomy or resulting in repeated relapses. 
Awards range between £11,730.00 
and £26,050.00 
Less serious strains, sprains, prolapses, soft tissue or fracture injuries where a full recovery or recovery to nuisance level takes place without surgery within about two to five years. 
Awards range between £7,410.00 and £11,730.00 
Where a full recovery take place without surgery between three months and two years. This bracket will also apply to very short term acceleration or exacerbation injuries, usually less than two years. 
Awards range between £2,300.00 and £7,410.00 
Where a full recovery takes place within three months 
Awards of up to £2,300.00 

Special damages in back injury claims: 

Often spinal and back injuries can mean you are unable to work and in some cases, you may be entirely off your feet. Many employers have a limited sick-pay scheme and coupled with the need to have personal care if you are seriously injured, savings can quickly run out. 
If you find yourself in this situation, your specialist personal injury solicitor will look to obtain an “interim payment” from the fault party. Whilst this is not always possible, in cases here liability (negligence) is not an issue the fault party will usually be willing to make an interim payment. This is a payment made before settlement of your claim is agreed in full and is generally deducted from whatever final settlement is agreed. 
Interim payments are generally made against lost earnings and care or rehabilitation costs, to minimise the impact of the incident and to give the best possible chance for the injured party to recover swiftly. Often private medical treatment is more comprehensive and has shorter, if any, waiting lists to access the service and can take months off the recovery time from some injuries. 

How long have I got to make a back injury claim? 

Subject to the Limitation Act 1980, if you have been injured as a result of negligence you have three years from the date of negligence, or the date you know about the negligence, to pursue a claim for personal injury. So, in most cases this will be immediately should it occur in an accident, or if the injury stems from medical negligence or industrial illness, if everything appears ok to start with and then you later find out about an issue later, your three years starts from the day you find out this information. 
Minors have three years from their 18th birthday within which to make a personal injury claim. Time limits may differ if you are acting on behalf of someone with limited mental capacity, if you are acting as guardian or subject a lasting power of attorney. If you have any questions or queries, then please do not hesitate to contact one of MG Legal’s personal injury experts, here… 

How much does it cost to make a back injury claim? 

MG Legal’s expert back and spinal injury personal injury claims solicitors believe that access to justice should not entail up-front costs. If you have suffered a personal injury, includng an injury to your spine, or back. and your injury was as a result of someone else’s negligence, then you should not have to pay up front legal costs to get access to proper legal representation. Our expert solicitors accept all personal injury claims, on a no win no fee basis, with no financial risk to our clients.  

Why choose MG Legal for my back injury claim? 

At MG Legal, we have a dedicated department dealing with personal injury claims. Due to the negotiating skills of our personal injury team, the vast majority of our clients receive compensation in settlement of their personal injury claim, within weeks, or at most, a few months of instructing our team of personal injury specialists.  
We are not afraid of a denial of liability and our success rate, which exceeds 99%, is testament to the fact that when we take a claim on, we explore every avenue of argument for our clients. We firmly believe that our confidence in our own ability is demonstrated by the fact that every personal injury claim we accept is on the basis of a Conditional Fee Agreement, also known as a no win no fee agreement, which means that if we do not succeed for our client, we do not get paid for our work. 
No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Across England and Wales: 
No matter where you are injured across England and Wales, MG Legal's Personal Injury Solicitors are here to help you to achieve the financial compensation that you deserve. 
For a free, no-obligation consultation with a personal injury solicitor, contact us online here. Or give us a call on 01772 783314 
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