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Experts in Defective equipment personal injury compensation claims 

If you have suffered a personal injury at work due to faulty or defective equipment, then you may well have a claim for personal injury compensation, and MG Legal’s leading workplace injury compensation specialist will accept your claim on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, with no financial risk to you. 

 MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors have a success rate in excess of 99%, and settle many thousands of personal injury claims every year. Click below to learn more about our team, and why they are the right solicitors for you.  


Can I claim for personal injury as a result of defective equipment at work? 

Your employer is legally obliged to ensure that all work equipment supplied to its employees, whether brand new, or old, is working correctly.  
The liability upon your employer is what is known as ‘strict’ liability, so if it can be shown that the defective equipment caused you to be injured, then you are entitled to make claim personal injury compensation from your employer’s public liability insurance.  
The other good news is that literally everything your employer supplies for you at work, or can be found in your work environment, is classed as equipment. For example, a broken chair in an office is classed as defective equipment. A broken cement mixer on a construction site would be classed as defective equipment. The definition of “work equipment” is interpreted extremely widely, and includes any tools that you may use as, for example a plumber, or electrician, and anything, tool or device supplied by the employer enabling you, the employee, to do the job they have asked you to do. If you work in a garage, it could be a defective toolkit, or if you’re employed as a hairdresser, a defective hairdryer or hair straighteners, that burn you or give you an electric shock. Factory machines – such as printing presses, cutting equipment, and forklift trucks, are all equipment. Suffered a crush type injury from lift doors at work? Then, yes, this would be classed as a personal injury caused by defective equipment, if it was found that lift doors malfunctioned. Even if you suffered a whiplash injury from the lift stopping more abruptly than it should. As the liability upon your employer is strict, regardless of the fact that the equipment had an impeccable maintenance record, you may well have a strong case for personal injury compensation. 

Have you been injured in the last three years? 

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MG Legal accept all Personal Injury Compensation claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis and have a success rate of over 99% 

What type of injuries are caused by defective equipment? 

The types of injury caused by defective equipment are as varied as the equipment that causes the personal injury. Often, MG Legal’s personal injury solicitors handle personal injury cases where a client has suffered broken bones, whiplash injuries and cuts and bruises, when a ladder they have been given by their employer breaks, and they are forced to fall 15 feet to the ground. Injuries often include electrocution when employees are given defective electrical equipment, or even amputation of limbs, when heavy equipment that was attached to defective storage racking, breaks free, and lands on them. MG Legal’s personal injury solicitors have won thousands of defective equipment personal injury claims against employers. Some of the most common injuries are listed below. 
• Broken bones 
• Cuts bruises and lacerations 
• Whiplash 
• Dislocation injuries 
• Respiratory illness 
• Loss of toes 
• Loss of fingers 
• Frostbite 
• Blindness 
• Amputations 
• Electric shocks / electrocution 
If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of defective work equipment, and someone else was to blame, then contact MG Legal’s team of expert personal injury solicitors for an informal discussion, and we will walk you through the process of making an no win no fee claim for compensation. Our personal injury solicitors are experts in their field, and have successfully settled more than 99% of all Defective Equipment Persona Injury Compensation Claims, on a no win no fee basis. 

How many years do I have to make a personal injury claim? 

Subject to the Limitation Act 1980, if you have been injured as a result of defective work equipment, you have three years to pursue a claim for personal injury. There are exceptions, for those under 18 years old at time of the injury, in that minors have three years from their 18th birthday within which to make a personal injury claim. Time limits may differ if you are acting on behalf of someone with limited mental capacity, if you are acting as guardian or subject a lasting power of attorney. If you have any questions or queries, then please do not hesitate to contact one of MG Legal’s personal injury experts, here… 

How much compensation will I receive if I am injured as a result of defective equipment? 

The amount of compensation you will receive all depends on how you were injured, and how the injuries have affected your life. Any personal injury claim is a claim for pain, suffering and loss of amenity, thus meaning that every single person, may suffer differently even though they have sustained the same injury. Subject to this, the amount of personal injury compensation each injured person receives would reflect their own circumstances, and be different. 
If you have been injured, and have ongoing losses, for example, if you are injured and unable to carry on working MG Legal can request an interim payment from your employer’s insurers, enabling you to get recover, without facing the stress of not being able to pay your monthly bills. 
See our personal injury compensation calculator, for rough figures, that do not include any claims for loss of earnings, medical care and attention, housing renovations, or loss of things like congenial employment.  
Every one of MG Legal’s clients are different, the injuries the sustain vary, as do the effects on their lives. From injuries to the head, neck and upper body, or being crushed, personal injury compensation, often called general damages, is based upon the nature and severity of the injuries sustained, and to the area of the body affected. Every one of us is different, and can sustain different injuries on public transport. MG Legal’s expert team of personal injury solicitors value all personal injury claims with reference to the 15th edition of the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines, and then research every client’s individual circumstances, so they receive the maximum personal injury compensation they deserve. 
The best way to answer the question of, how much personal injury compensation will I receive, is to contact MG Legal’s personal injury compensation solicitors and we will ensure that the best medical treatment is sought for you, and a medical report is compiled, detailing all of your injuries, and how your life has been affected as a result of your injury sustained as a result of defective equipment. 

Why choose MG Legal for my defective equipment personal injury compensation claim? 

MG Legal are specialists in personal injury, and injuries arising in the workplace, wherever your workplace may be, as a result of defective equipment. Our expert solicitors accept all defective equipment personal injury claims, on a no-win no fee basis, and we have a success rate for obtaining personal injury compensation for our clients, in excess of 99%. 
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