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With the current times we all find ourselves in, our Preston solicitors have adapted to ensure that your conveyancing transaction can still proceed, as normal. Our clients are, and always have been, our forethought, therefore, there are a number of considerations that were necessary to ensure our high quality service would not be affected by the current pandemic. 
Whilst there have been some big changes made, see our blog “Lawyers in Lockdown”, for more information, there has been one crucial matter for our Preston solicitors to keep in mind. We are all in the same boat, on lockdown, keeping ourselves safe and wondering what we can clean next, or what TV series to begin. Well, for our property solicitors in Preston, this is an important time for measures to be in place concerning property fraud. 

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Recent reports have confirmed that overall crime ratings have dramatically lessened, however, with more people spending time at home, and more people having significant amounts of time on their hands, the potential risk of property fraud needs addressing. 
Property fraud involves fraudsters illegally impersonating an individual, and carrying on property dealings using their identity. There are ways in which you can protect yourself from property fraud, see our blog discussing what you can do. In addition, there are ways in which your Preston solicitors are working to protect you. 
At MG Legal, our property solicitors in Preston have comprehensive procedures in place to spot fraudulent activity and deal with the same accordingly. Our team are always vigilant with their work and, as such, our property fraud spotting procedures have not changed, however, these current times have, of course, reinforced the need for the same. 
Our property team have devised a system which not only addresses the potential for fraudulent activity at the commencement of your conveyancing transaction, but also at regular intervals throughout, to ensure there are no suspicious changes. Our team understand that when dealing with your conveyance, we are, in many cases, dealing with large amounts of money as well as extremely sensitive personal data. It is, therefore, in order to protect our clients, that our protective measures are reviewed on a regular basis. It is upon such reviews that our team address any potential ways in which the same may be improved, and safely implemented. 
So, our message to our valued clients; keep yourselves safe during this pandemic, but also keep your property safe. 
If you have any queries on how to protect yourself from property, fraud, or have any other conveyancing query, contact MG Legal today, at, and our local solicitors will be on hand to assist you. 
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