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Posts from January 2020

Accident -> injury -> claim -> compensation

Bateman v Devon County Council: Removing Fixed-Costs in Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims 

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A stormy beach

Personal Injury Solicitors discuss snowy road conditions 

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Last Will and Testament

A Glossary of Important Will Terms 

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A stack of books on a table, against a green background.

Property Education and the Property Investors Bureau 

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What documents are needed to apply for probate? 

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A red rose resting on top of a Will.

What happens if an executor of the Will dies during probate? 

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A glass piggy bank with a small, grass house inside.

My house sale fell through, what will it cost? 

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A jarof coins with a plant growing out the top.

Property Purchases that are sure not to break the bank! 

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Clean Air

Our Property Solicitors discuss purchasing an eco-friendly property 

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A chinese takeaway meal

Can I claim compensation for poor food hygiene? 

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A set of weighing scales, with a pink cut-out person on one side, and a blue cut-out person on the other.

Can inherited property be taken into account in my divorce settlement? 

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A big red question mark against a white background.

What information should be included in my Will? 

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Time for change

Can I sell off part of my land? 

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Personal Injury Compensation

Coronavirus: what can our team of personal injury solicitors learn? 

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How does the Court System work in the UK? 

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A new property living room.

The New Housing Development in Lancaster City Centre 

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Monday Blues in January and your Medical Negligence Claim 

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A couple with a ring on each of their thumbs, with smiley faces drawn on.

The Civil Partnership (Opposite-sex Couples) Regulations 2019 

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A young child dressed smartly with a megaphone.

What is a litigation friend? 

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A person signing a contract, with a plastic property model behind.

What is included on a Contract for Sale of a Property? 

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A man and a woman surrounded by moving boxes and smiling.

What do I need to consider before moving in with my partner? 

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Annie the dog on a walk

Is it legal to borrow a dog? 

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A map, with sticky notes, and a pencil resting on top.

The Land Registry and Land Charges Data Reforms 

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A man holding a broom and a woman holding a vaccum.

What steps should you take before co-habiting? 

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A man lifting a sofa, as he moves it around.

MG Legal’s take on 2020 Interior Design 

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A big white question mark against a yellow background.

What is a Rentcharge? 

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A little girl holding the hand of both of her parents

Child-related Legal Issues: How can our team help? 

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Commercial buildings

Commercial Leases: what are they are and what do the terms mean? 

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A pair of black heels with a red base

Lady Hale Slams Sexism in the Legal Industry 

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