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In her recent interview with the Evening Standard, Baroness Hale called for legislation to prevent unmarried cohabitees suffering financial hardship when they split from Partners, genuine pay equality and most importantly she struck out at sexist and discriminatory conduct within the legal profession. 
If you don’t know who Baroness Hale is, she’s the person that the Socials were going crazy about when she declared that the prorogation of Parliament was unlawful. Worryingly, Social Media was not exciting itself over the historic decision but because of her spider broach that she wore. More importantly Lady Hale Lady Hale became the first female member of Britain’s highest court when she was appointed to the House of Lords as a Lord of Appeal in 2004. Lady Hale has also been President of the Supreme Court, which she joined at its foundation in 2009, since 2017. 

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Lady Hale raised concerns that she has heard shocking stories about women barristers being charged out at lower rates for equivalent works carried out by their male counterparts, the under instruction of women in important cases before the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, and even women being required to wear high heals by employers! 
Now some of us here at the Garstang Solicitors office, MG Legal, do wear high heels. Although I have never seen Dave wear them in the office. I am one of the people who on occasion wears high heels: I am short, and sometimes I like to be a bit taller. That said, I do favour comfort over height. Our legal expertise is not found in our heels, but I am told that some firms do insist that their female employees wear heels, dictate the colour of clothing AND the colour of their nail polish. 
I am confident that I would not last two minutes in such a place! On a good day, I am able to attend work without a coating of dog and horse hair, my tangled web of hair pulled into submission by some form of bun and vaguely clean (ish) nails, but if you think I am going to spend my time making sure my nails match the company logo when I should be dealing with residential conveyancing or preparing trial bundles for family court, you are most definitely wrong! 
So, for common sense, no-nonsense legal advice where women are treated equally in the workplace, contact MG Legal now via or call on 01995 602 129. 
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