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Whether on a train, a bus, a coach... your personal injury solicitors Preston will advise that there is a duty of care owed to you when travelling on public transport, to ensure you can travel safely, without injury. 
Unfortunately, this was not the case for Bethan Roper, whom tragically died on 1st December 2018, on the Great Western Railway. Miss Roper was leaning out of a window on a train door, travelling at 85mph, when she was struck and killed by a tree branch. 
Following investigation from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB), there was a yellow caution label above the door which read ‘do not lean out of window when train is moving’, albeit in place, this was found to be in a cluttered environment and amongst other information labels. 
So, the question is then, what signage is sufficient in informing, and deterring passengers, from carrying out certain activities? This question has also been identified by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch who have announced that their full investigation will look closely at the measures in place to control the risks from people leaning out of trains, as well as looking at potential threats from vegetation, as Miss Roper was subject to. This does, however, have to be looked at in conjunction with protecting the environment. This has previously been brought to light by Rail Minister, Andrew Jones, who asked Network Rail to set out a plan that would do more to protect biodiversity during tree felling. 

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Your personal injury solicitors Preston also note that the RAIB recommended that train companies should do more to stop passengers from putting parts of their bodies out of windows. Avoidable injuries are being caused, and in this instance, Ms Roper was unfortunate to have paid with her life. 
Whist extremely sympathetic to Miss Roper and her family, after many years of acting for victims of personal injury, within the Preston area, that this is not the first time that your personal injury solicitors Preston have come across such tragedy. The death of Simon Brown, aged 24, in 2016, was caused by similar circumstances. Mr Brown was, too, leaning out of a train window when he was sadly killed by a signal gantry. 
Obviously, to prevent any more injury and death, things need to change. 
There is an urgent need for assessment into signage on public transport in order that no more devastating incidents occur. Windows that only open a couple of inches; vents in the ceiling allowing for fresh air into the compartments; and clearer warning signs, illustrating the dangers of putting body parts out of the train. 
Miss Roper’s story is one of real tragedy. 
In the event that you have been unfortunately subject to injury, through no fault of your own, but through a duty of care owed to you that has been breached, contact MG Legal today and our accident compensation solicitors will be on hand to assist. Do not forget to also enquire, with our Preston solicitors, in to our No Win, No Fee arrangements, as well as our free initial half an hour consultation. 
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