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A large pothole in a road
A recent news article has highlighted that local councils in the North East of England collectively paid out millions pounds each year over the past four years as a result of personal injury claims. The vast majority of these incidents were as a result of people being injured by defective pathways, pavements and roads. This shows that despite it being clearly defined what each authority must do to look after its residents, all too often they fail to meet the proper standard. 
Legally, the local authority, usually the local council, is duty bound to perform regular inspections of all areas in their control and to repair any defects they find in a timely manner. If they do so, there can be no danger of people tripping or injuring themselves and there is no right to claim if you do fall; but this is sadly rarely the case. A defect is generally considered to be an unnecessary change in height of a pavement of footpath of 25mm (1 inch or the height of a 50 pence piece) or 40mm in the case of any roads. 
Whilst some people view personal injury claims in a negative light, the fact of the matter is that we all pay money to our local authority in Council Tax and in return, amongst other services, we are owed a duty of care when using the highways and byways of the area. So, when an injury is sustained, which can often cause other losses such as lost earnings, medical expenses and care costs, it is your right to seek the payment of these losses, plus an award for your injuries, from the authority responsible for these injuries. MG Legal, your local accident injury solicitor, are experienced in dealing with this type of claim and regularly make successful claims against various local authorities for those with genuine injuries sustained as a result of incidents that were not their fault. 

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Tripping incidents can often cause serious injuries including broken wrists, arms and ankles as well as facial injuries and a variety of other injuries depending on the nature of the fall. Some of these injuries can mean taking weeks or months off work to recover, often on only minimal sick pay, which itself causes a host of problems for anyone without a substantial savings account, including mortgage or rent arrears, credit card debt and treatment or care costs. MG Legal, your local accident injury solicitor, ensures that your claim is properly assessed and all losses included in the final settlement, so that the amount of compensation you recover, accurately reflects your injuries and your loss. 
If you have been involved in any kind of incident that was not your fault and if you have been injured as a result, contact MG Legal, your local accident injury solicitor, to discuss how we can help you. All instructions are taken on a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee agreement) to ensure you have the access to justice you deserve. Call into our offices in Lancaster, Garstang or Longridge, telephone or email our offices to discuss your claim and how we can help you. 
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