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When you think of things that would be amazing to do, winning the lottery would be up there (for most of us, anyway). For one couple, something similar happened, but all was not as it seemed. 
After receiving the equivalent of £87,000.00 into their bank account, Robert and Tiffany Williams from Pennsylvania, US, are now facing theft charges. Now, a lot of you may be thinking, ‘but it wasn’t their fault’. No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t the simple act of receiving the money that landed these two into hot water, but it was the fact that they took the money and went on a spending spree. 
Our team of Wills solicitors in Preston have said it before, and we will say it again (and again, and again): getting a Will in place is important! 
Having a Will in place is just not enough: you actually also need to make sure that your Will covers what should happen in the event that your first beneficiaries die before you. 
Unfortunately, a recent case highlights the importance of making sure your Will is worded correctly, and making sure that you and your spouse are on the same page, so to speak. 
The current rules in relation to paying inheritance tax means that if any gifts are made in the seven years prior to the deceased’s death, then inheritance tax could be payable. Certain gifts can be exempt, such as gifts of up to £250.00 to family and friends, and a first gift allowance of up to £3,000.00. However, given that the £3,000.00 rule was created in 1980’s, there has been no allowance for inflation made, meaning that the gift wouldn’t go as far by today’s standard. 
Here is the opportunity you’ve all been waiting for … MG Legal is expanding its team! 
A boutique firm, established in 2010, and with offices in Garstang, Lancaster and Longridge, we’re looking for both a Private Client Solicitor and a Property Solicitor (or equivalent qualifications) to join our excellent team in our Preston-based offices, with occasional travel to our other locations. 
It’s the burning question on everyone’s lips since Aretha Franklin’s sad passing in August 2018: who will get her multi-million-dollar estate? When Aretha initially passed away, it was thought that she had not left a Will, but it has since been discovered that she has, in fact, left written instructions, which are thought to be her final Will. 
Multiple written notes were found as recently as 3rd May, two being locked in a closet, and one under – you won’t believe it – the sofa! We warn our clients to be careful with their Wills, if they decide to take the originals, and we would hope that they never leave the originals some as, frankly careless, as under their sofas! 
We seem to be focusing a lot recently on words that you would never really use in everyday life, but here’s one phrase that we, as your local solicitors for Wills, think you need to know about. Fraudulent calumny is – simply – slander, usually in the form of making defamatory or incorrect statements about one person, to another. In some cases, the statements made can lead to drastic consequences, such as them amending their Will to exclude a loved one, based on the information they have been given. 
6000 UK residents currently await an organ donation, with 3 people per day dying before they are able to receive their life changing transplant. 
Recent studies show that 80% of UK residents support organ donation, however only 38% actually opt into the service. Although, in the event you haven’t made your options clear, the choice is left with your next of kin; this of course can be a difficult subject for them to deal with, and the thought of someone else having their loved ones organs an understandably upsetting prospect. This unfortunately means that they refuse the organ donation. 
Thankfully on 15 March 2019, Max and Keira’s Law was passed. 
You could say that there is no ‘normal’ day when you work for a Solicitors in Preston. I start my day around 8:30am, getting our file management system powered up, and making sure that I have my morning coffee (although sometimes I try and be healthy and opt for water – it’s just not the same!). 
First of all, I’ll go through all my emails and make sure that I deal with anything urgent from the evening before. Anything that requires a lengthy reply, or needs to wait until I have further information, gets flagged to be dealt with later in the day. 
A typical day starts with dealing with any post that has landed over the weekend. Usually, our clients pop things through the door, and we have a few replies to our previous week’s letters from banks or insurance companies. I mark everything with the date to show it has been received, and scan it all on. 
Once this has been dealt with, we can start responding! As Solicitors in Preston, it is important that we respond to any post as quickly as possible, and make sure that we are always one step ahead. 
Our Hope Jordan.
There are so many different reasons why you may be considering working full-time, whilst studying a law degree. You may be looking to change career, or you may just enjoy work. Whatever your reasons, you will want to go into the part-time-law-degree-full-time-work part of your life as prepared as you possibly can be. 
So, our Hope Jordan, who is currently embarking on that very journey, has decided to share a few of the pros and cons of choosing to study that way... 
A large open book, with a red cover, on a grey background.
You might be in need of some legal assistance, or you might be thinking of starting a career in law, or you might just be ‘asking for a friend'; but, before you start, you really do need to know the answer to this question: What is the difference between a barrister, a lawyer, and a solicitor? 
A stack of shelves either side, with files on one side and boxes of documents on the other.


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