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Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston have written about accidents in theme parks a few times in recent months – from accidents at Alton Towers, to Aqualandia Water Park – but our team have read about another sad accident which has recently occurred. 
Jade Graves, a 29-year-old mother from Hull, was the victim of another theme park accident that our team of Personal Injury Solicitors just had to tell you about- to hopefully prevent the same sad incident occurring to anyone else. 
Whatever profession you find yourself in, whilst at work, as an employee, you are owed a duty of care by your employer. This duty of care is governed specifically by the Health and Safety at Work Act, of 1974. This Act states that employers are to follow a set standard towards employees which include the following: 
- To ensure there is a safe system (also referred to as ‘plant’) of work, that is safely maintained. 
- To provide adequate training, specific to the tasks being carried out. This also includes being trained on how to use certain systems, programmes and machinery. 
- To provide protective clothing and equipment, where required. For example, supplying protective gloves when handling chemical products to prevent contamination or burns. 
- To appoint a competent Health and Safety Officer within the work place, who issues concerning health and safety can be reported to. 
- To ensure there is sufficient information, and instruction, available in relation to the work being carried out. There should also be appropriate supervision in place. 
Follow the link to the Act, for more information: http://www.hse.gov.uk/legislation/hswa.htm. 
We hear about deals and no deals and import and exports and immigration and it goes on and on but what hasn’t been discussed much is how a no deal Brexit could affect how cross-border motor claims are dealt with. 
You may have heard of the Green Card Scheme which allows for cross border travel whilst protecting victims injured in their home country by a foreign registered vehicle. The Fourth Directive is another handy tool which assist victims who are injured whilst abroad. The problem we face is that whilst the Green Card Scheme should survive because its not an EU initiative the Forth Directive is, so it is likely to face disruption if Boris doesn’t get anywhere with Brexit negotiations. 
As a younger driver, I’m constantly hearing things about what I should and shouldn’t do in my car: don’t run the aircon for too long, don’t leave the windows open during the day, or even, don’t park facing the sun. Whilst I’m sure some of tips are very helpful, some of them definitely have to be taken with a pinch of salt. 
But, are some tips more than just a myth? 
A seemingly more common way to holiday now-a-days is to head off in the trusty old caravan. With an ever-increasing need for space -saving ideas, and clever furniture hacks, caravans seem to tick more boxes for people than ever. 
But, if you’re going to holiday in the country this year, with your caravan in tow, make sure you’re driving safely – and legally. 
Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors Lancaster don’t own their own caravans (yet – we’re always hopeful for the future!), but they do have some tips and tricks about things to do when you’re towing a caravan, or things you shouldn’t do! 
Family law Solicitors will always stress that it is illegal to monitor a person using online communication tools or spywear. However in the UK, you can legally use covert surveillance cameras in the home to spy on others so long as it is not in an area where there would be an expectation of privacy such as the bathroom/shower/bedroom. 
In the case we’re about to look at the use of spy cameras saved a woman’s life. 
Sadly, we live in a world where we have all heard of someone’s house being broken into and someone’s belonging being taken, and we are forever hearing the phase “if it isn’t nailed down, they’ll take it”. 
Our Property Department have recently noticed an interesting case in Plymouth where one lady reportedly had her house stolen. No, MG Legal’s Conveyancing Department aren’t suffering from sunstroke - that’s right she had her house stolen! 
First of all, for those of you who might not have heard of the concept before, when you buy a shared ownership property, you buy a share in a property, usually a new build, for a smaller sum than the whole value. For example, if a property was worth £200,000.00, you would buy a 25% to a 75% share, for between £50,000.00 and £150,000.00. 
To be eligible to purchase a shared ownership property, you have to meet certain criteria, which our team of property solicitors Preston have set out below:- 
You must be a first-time buyer, so you can’t own any property either abroad or anywhere else in the UK, whether that’s a buy-to-let, inherited property or a holiday home. 
If you are a previous homeowner, you must now no longer be able to afford to purchase a property. For example, you may have divorced from your spouse, and you need to re-house yourself and your children. In this case, after taking some advice from your local family law solicitors, you may decide to enquire about shared ownership properties. 
Your household’s income must be less than £80,000.00 per year – or £90,000.00 if you’re one of our clients living in the London area. 
When you’re buying your first property, you may not consider all the expenses that come with it. We don’t blame you – it’s easy to not realise what everything will cost. So, to help you out, our team of property solicitors Lancaster have put together a list of things you need to remember. If you’re prone to forgetting, why not print it out for future reference? 
It can cause a bit of a panic on the roads when you’re driving or walking and hear the sound of sirens heading your way. Most of us will do our best to move out of the way, slowing down, or even stopping, to ensure that the Fire Engine/Police Car/Ambulance can get to their destination. 
However, just because we all try to move out of the way, doesn’t mean that this is always possible. Sometimes, it can be quite a struggle, and on some occasions, unfortunately, people have suffered a catastrophic personal injury. 
Take for example the case of the lady who heard the sirens, and saw the blue flashing lights, but still wasn’t able to get out of the way in time, and was hit by a police car. 
The incident occurred during rush hour, around 5:20pm, with the woman, aged 57, being taken to hospital by Air Ambulance. She died the following morning, around 9:30am. 
As with all incidents involving police officers, the Independent Office for Police Conduct, as well as the Directorate of Professional Standards, have been informed. 
Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston’s thoughts are with the woman’s family and friends at this sad time. 


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