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If you decide to seek a divorce and your Solicitor orders a copy of the marriage certificate for you, they will often ask for your details, the details of the spouse you intend to divorce and the details of you father. This is because your father’s name and occupation is likely to be recorded on the marriage certificate. 
Pre Nups (or pre-nuptial agreements) are legal binding agreements, which are only legally binding if the conditions are met, (more information can be found, here) made before marriage, which sets out what should happen to finances in the event that a marriage breaks down.  
Prenups have become increasingly popular, as more people marry later in life than in previous generations, and people have accumulated their own assets, such as property, shares or pension pots before they get married. If you have substantial assets then, for a lot of people, it’s perfectly reasonable to take steps to protect those assets in the event of a divorce or separation in the future. MG Legal, Solicitors in Garstang can help with this. 
Car meets in the UK are becoming more and more popular, with crowds of people meeting in designated areas, with their super-decorated, super-souped-up cars to show off who has the best features, and whose car would beat whose, in a drag race. 
Most of the time, as far as our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Lancaster are aware, these events go off - mostly - without a hitch. 
Our team of Wills solicitors in Preston have said it before, and we will say it again (and again, and again): getting a Will in place is important! 
Having a Will in place is just not enough: you actually also need to make sure that your Will covers what should happen in the event that your first beneficiaries die before you. 
Unfortunately, a recent case highlights the importance of making sure your Will is worded correctly, and making sure that you and your spouse are on the same page, so to speak. 
As you can imagine, your local family law solicitors don’t often get chance to deal with the nicer side of family law. Despite dealing with over 200 new matters yearly, most of them are limited to divorce, finances related to divorce or child contact issues, with a few less run-of-the-mill cases in between. 
So, in the midst of these cases, it’s nice to be able to do a bit of light reading on wedding trends (and some not-so-trendy wedding choices). 
Social media seems to be the bugbear of many an employer but in the office, this tends to be because people are flicking through Facebook or Instagram instead of getting work done. 
However, Personal Injury Solicitors are seeing more and more cases of accidents on the farm which could have been avoided if people had been concentrating. So, does Social Media add to the danger? Loading cattle is hard enough without some one flicking through their phone instead of keeping an eye out for a cow doing an about turn. Machinery and messaging just don’t work and you can guarantee if you get stuck or tip a trailer over then you just know it will be all over snapchat before you have even climbed out of the cab! 
Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston have talked before about the dangers of allergies, especially people who do not take them seriously enough. 
One case, which thankfully did not lead to death, was a school teacher, Mrs Woods, who has a deadly allergy to bananas. 
Unfortunately, a few of her students, aged between 12 and 13, didn’t comprehend the severity of their teacher’s allergies, and took it upon themselves to smear the door handle to the classroom. Not stopping at what could be construed as a joke, the teens then hurled bananas at their teacher once she had entered the room. 
Our expert team of solicitors in Lancaster were shocked to find out about recent goings-on, leaving a 200-year-old-plus tree dying. 
In a recent news article, published by the Metro, a 200-year-old tree was the subject of attack, by a yet-unknown perpetrator. 
Jill Sarchet, aged 51, from Burnley, began worrying about the tree when she noticed the leaves turning brown, which is when, on closer inspection, she discovered the holes drilled into the base of her beloved tree. 
Very upset, Mrs Sarchet is in contact with her local councillor, Gordon Birtwistle, who visited the tree for himself, counting over 52, five-inch holes. He explained how ‘outraged’ he was, and went on to point out the environmental impact if people decided to do this to trees everywhere they went – it would be devastating! 
Scaffolding: a temporary structure on the outside of a building, made of wooden planks and metal poles, used by workmen while building, repairing, or cleaning the building (Google’s definition). Most people, rightly, would presume that they are a fairly safe structure, which you’re free to walk under or walk besides, without fear of any danger. Especially when they’re used outside your favourite shop (which is still ‘Open for Business’!). 
However, on 1st August, for a few bystanders, scaffolding was the cause of some serious concern, when, around 11.15am, scaffolding around the Friars Walk Shopping Centre, collapsed. Having been closed for around 10 years, the Friars Walk Shopping Centre in Reading had scaffolding erected around the exterior. 
According to witnesses, just before lunchtime, hundreds of the boards and poles which form part of the scaffolding, fell to the ground, causing a huge cloud of debris. Onlookers described the incident as ‘pretty mental’, with three people being taken to the local hospital for assessment of their injuries. 
Whilst we can’t say that we’ve ever been involved in a scaffolding-falling incident, our expert team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Lancaster have dealt with thousands of personal injury claims for our clients, achieving over a 99% success rate in settling claims. 
Sepsis, also known as blood poisoning, can be life threatening and is a serious illness for which treatment should be immediately sought, to avoid fatal consequences. Sepsis is brought about where the immune system ‘over reacts’ to an infection which triggers the sepsis, such as meningitis or pneumonia, and begins to damage the body’s organs by going into overdrive to fight the same off. 
The symptoms of sepsis can be mistaken as they often display similar to those of similar, less serious illnesses, such as the flu and chest infections. NHS advice states that sepsis can be particularly hard to spot in children, as they can have difficulty communicating. 


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