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Most motorway drivers will have experienced the new smart motorway at one time or another. Whether you think they’re genius, or you think they’re just making an already tedious journey slower, there’s a number of tips, provided by your local personal injury solicitors in Lancaster, that you can follow to make sure you’re safe on the motorways. 
#1 – Don’t use the lanes marked ‘X’ 
It might seem obvious to some, whilst others don’t seem to understand the concept of not using the hard shoulder, let alone not using the lane that’s closed (and they always seem to ‘not realise’ that there’s a danger ahead, until they’re almost veering into the side of your car as they almost crash). To stay safe, if the smart motorway says the lane is closed, it’s for a reason. 
#2 – Be mindful of learner drivers 
As of June 2018, new rules were introduced allowing learner drivers to have their driving lessons on the motorway. For those of you who just thought they’d taken a wrong-turn, learners can now drive, with the appropriate supervision, on the motorway. Our advice – give them a wide berth, and appreciate that they might not slow down, or move out of your way, as quickly as you need them to. Cut them some slack, and stay out of their way! 
#3 – Don’t hog the middle lane 
I’m sure our team has said this before (and, yes, we will definitely say it again, and again, and again): don’t do it. 
#4 – Don’t freeze on the slip road 
It’s easy to do. You’re about to pull onto the motorway, and from behind you, you see a HUGE lorry coming your way. Ahhhhhhhhh. Don’t panic. The urge is there to slow down, or try and stop, but don’t. Keep moving, at a speed matching the vehicles in the left-hand motorway lane, and pull in as soon as you safely can. 
When you’re leaving the motorway, make sure you indicate in plenty of time (don’t speed up to get around that lorry just before the slip road, and then try and cut across two lanes to get back in … just, no). You should make sure you don’t brake too harshly, or even slow down too much, before you reach the slip road. You will get notice around a mile and a half before the exit, and then in increments before the exit. 
#5 – watch your speed limits 
Another easy trap to fall into, is happily barrelling down the motorway at a constant 70mph. Whilst you wouldn’t always be in the danger zone, with the introduction of the new smart motorway, Highways England have the ability to change the speed limits (also referred to as a variable speed limit) to help keep the flow of traffic moving. If you’re caught doing 70mph by these cameras, you’ll be fined - and potentially worse, receive a driving ban - if it exceeds the prescribed limit. 
Our team of personal injury solicitors in Lancaster have been around the block a few times. We’ve seen every breach of the Road Traffic Act 1988 imaginable, and we know our way around a road traffic accident. Our team are experts in “No Win, No Fee” Personal Injury compensation claims, and can be contacted on 01524 581 306 or by emailing today. 
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