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It can cause a bit of a panic on the roads when you’re driving or walking and hear the sound of sirens heading your way. Most of us will do our best to move out of the way, slowing down, or even stopping, to ensure that the Fire Engine/Police Car/Ambulance can get to their destination. 
However, just because we all try to move out of the way, doesn’t mean that this is always possible. Sometimes, it can be quite a struggle, and on some occasions, unfortunately, people have suffered a catastrophic personal injury. 
Take for example the case of the lady who heard the sirens, and saw the blue flashing lights, but still wasn’t able to get out of the way in time, and was hit by a police car. 
The incident occurred during rush hour, around 5:20pm, with the woman, aged 57, being taken to hospital by Air Ambulance. She died the following morning, around 9:30am. 
As with all incidents involving police officers, the Independent Office for Police Conduct, as well as the Directorate of Professional Standards, have been informed. 
Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston’s thoughts are with the woman’s family and friends at this sad time. 
Freddie Dixon, an eight year old boy, has been recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, to the sadness of his family and those around him. As though the diagnosis is not enough, MG Legal’s solicitors who deal with medical negligence have been shocked to discover how the diagnosis came about, when it was eventually recognised by health care professionals. 
Firstly, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma is a form of Cancer, the word that nobody wants to hear and, in particular, when it is affecting an eight year old child. This is a form of cancer that is vested within the lymphatic system – which is part of our immune system. Blood cells that would normally fight against infection, are affected in a way that results in the same losing the ability to fight against infection, making the affected individual more vulnerable to illness. The way in which the cells are affected means that they can gather, within the lymphatic system, which often leads to swelling of the lymph nodes. This was the case for Freddie Dixon who began to develop large swollen lumps within his neck, that were later discovered to be cancerous. 
MG Legal, personal injury solicitors in Preston are able to report that the NHS Resolution's annual report for 2018/19, published last week, shows that spending on claimant legal costs was £442.3m – a fall of more than £24m. This news comes as the government is preparing to rein in legal spending when it comes to personal injury cases. 
It can be confusing: is my car use just social, or is it commuting, or do I need to include business use? 
Well, MG Legal’s expert team of Personal Injury solicitors in Longridge have pooled their knowledge, to make sure that you choose the right classification, so that you don’t get caught out if you try and make a claim. 
Let’s start with the single class: social use. This is more commonly known as social, domestic and pleasure, and covers you for general day-to-day driving, such as shopping, visiting family (or maybe not, if you try and avoid this wherever possible!), and going to visit your team of Personal Injury solicitors in Longridge (or Garstang, or Lancaster – whichever office is most convenient for you). 
Whilst safety should be of the utmost priority in the amusement park industry, there are unfortunate cases where incidents do occur. Although such incidents are rare, when they do occur, the consequences can be extreme due to the level of machinery involved and the potential damage that can be caused. 
Not wishing to cast a grey cloud over what, in the majority of cases, is an enjoyable and thrilling experience, where things go wrong at theme parks, the results can be catastrophic and severe. This was the case when the fun was sadly stopped for one girl who plummeted 23ft to her death as a result of an amusement park ride fault. 
What is contributory negligence? 
Essentially, when this term is thrown into the mix within a claim for personal injury, one party (the Defendant, usually) is suggesting the blame be split between the parties, and that there is fault on both sides. The split can be 50/50, however, can vary dependant on a number of factors which can differ case by case. 
For example, Party A crashes into the back of Party B’s vehicle, however, both parties are under the influence of alcohol at the time. Party B makes a claim for personal injury as a result of the incident, and Party A claims contributory negligence on the basis that Party B was under the influence at the time, making both parties at fault for the incident. Subsequently, the action the Claimant has brought is affected in terms of the damages awarded. 
The term, in essence, is suggesting that the injured party is considered to be partly to blame for the incident, loss and the injuries sustained. The Defendant proposes a split in liability, often, in defence of the claim being made against them. If agreed, this will, subsequently, affects the damages awarded. 
If you are bringing about a claim, and the same is put forward, our accident injury solicitors will be able to advise you accordingly as to whether the same is reasonable or not. Each case is different and the same would be assessed on the facts of the case, together with the prospects of success if the same were to be rejected. 
Whether you’re a cyclist or a pedestrian, it’s important to be road aware, and have a reasonable duty of care to other road users. You can read our blog about how to take care on the roads, here
But, there are some cases that just fly in the face of pragmatism. However, a recent case has caused a divide in opinion, when the Court awarded Ms Brushett, a pedestrian crossing the road in London, damages, despite finding that she had been on her phone, when she stepped out, into the path of a correctly-proceeding cyclist, Mr Hazeldean. 
If you have been unfortunate enough to have been injured whilst cycling as a result of someone else’s negligence, you could be eligible to claim compensation. MG Legal, Solicitors in Lancaster and Preston, Lancashire, have vast experience in helping cyclists who have been injured in cycling accidents; and have a success rate in excess of 99%, even if at first, you don’t know who was to blame. Leave it to us: our team of local personal injury solicitors can help you to obtain compensation, rehabilitation, and get you back on your feet (or bike), in no time! 
In fact, MG Legal, personal injury Solicitors in Lancaster, are sad to note that the statistics of people being injured on fairground rides is actually on the rise! Only recently there was an incident at Brighton Pier where part of a ride came loose and fell off injuring a teenager in the process! 
Brexit: the word that almost every person in the UK dreads hearing (especially those in Parliament!). 
A lot of us may think that Brexit won’t really affect our everyday lives, but it’s becoming more apparent that it could have an impact on things we take for granted. 
A number one concern for many holiday-goers, is driving. Currently, if you hold a valid driving licence in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, you can drive in all countries in the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA), so this includes all of the countries in the EU, which you can find a list of here, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and, although its neither part of the EU or EEA, Switzerland. 


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