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When liability is disputed, and the parties to a road traffic accident cannot agree who was at fault, then sometimes, your local personal injury solicitors will advise you to issue legal proceedings against the motorist you believe to be at fault. 

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MG Legal's leading personal injury solicitors accept all personal injury claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis, and have a success rate of over 99%. 
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The main reason you go to see a personal injury solicitor, other than to make a claim for personal injury, is to have the repairs to your vehicle repaired, seek reimbursement of your hire car bill, and of course, seek reimbursement of any earnings lost as a result of the unfortunate accident.  
You may have read all sorts of nonsense about personal injury claims, especially those arising out of road traffic accidents- the majority of which, published by tabloid newspapers. But, it is however true to say that the majority are completely genuine, and many thousands of people are injured in road traffic accidents, on a yearly basis. In many cases, those injured have suffered time off work, and their claim for compensation can be worth many thousands of pounds.  
With this in mind, the matter should be handled by a specialist solicitor, and if the matter is contested, then your nearest personal injury solicitor should utilise the services of a local agent, in order that a plan of the incident locus is prepared, illustrating the area where the road traffic accident took place, along with any pertinent measurements and road markings.  
The rationale behind this? Well, you may know the area in question extremely well, as may your choice of solicitor; but a district judge, who has never heard of Fylde Road, in Preston 'the one with Preston Uni on’, may not have the foggiest idea, and this may lead to them finding it hard to visualise how the road traffic accident occured. 
This is why, depsite all the advertisements for 'Injury Lawyers near you' (that actually are nowhere near you 99% of the time), that advertise on daytime TV, that you need the knowledge of a local solicitor.  
If a road traffic accident happens in Preston, Lancashire, the writer would argue that you need a solicitor from the local area. Local knowledge, bolstered by a professionally prepared locus report, are key when presenting your case to the county court.  
A picture speaks a thousand words, as they say, and, more often than not, a district judge will appreciate any efforts made to enlighten them as to exactly where the road traffic accident happened. 
Any specialist accident injury solicitors worth their salt will use all their powers to help innocent victims, and those injured in road traffic accidents, to prove their claim, and obtain the injury compensation they deserve to be awarded. On average a locus report costs £200.00 or so.  
At MG Legal, your nearest personal injury solicitors in Lancaster, Preston and Garstang, we pay for the locus report preparing, and bill the at-fault party upon the conclusion of the successful personal injury claim.  
Obviously, in the unlikely event that one of MG Legal’s personal injury client’s claims is not successful, then, as we accept all road traffic accident personal injury claims, on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, all costs would be waived.  
Do please remember that the expert team of personal injury lawyers at our Lancaster law firm have a success rate in excess of 99% for all personal injury claims (from medical negligence claims, to trips and falls in the street!),and our clients are never anything but happy with the service provided. 
If you’ve had a road traffic accident within the last 3 years, then please do not hesitate to email our offices at (24 hours a day), drop in (we are open before 9, and well past 5pm most evenings), or call to book your free consultation on Lancaster 01524 581306, Preston Solicitors 01772 783314, or Garstang 01995 602129. 
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