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Ok, the answer to this is one isn’t simple. As your local personal injury solicitors will tell you, the ‘at fault’ party’s insurer do have a few tricks up their sleeve when it comes to settling a claim. 
For example, any personal injury firm laments about about certain insurer who used to accost their personal injury clients on their doorstep, and badger them into accepting a low settlement offer, subject to payment being made on the spot, and there being no fees payable to their 'lawyer'. Fortunately, those days are gone, and your local personal injury solicitors, MG Legal, will always advise our clients to wait for the opportune moment.. 
But when is the right time?  
I mean, an offer of £2,000.00 sounds great, right? Well, that’s all relative, actually. If, like one client our solicitors in Lancaster dealt with, you happen to have sustained an injury at work, and are missing part of your thumb, then £2,000.00 just doesn’t cut the mustard. In this instance, our Lancaster office made sure the client was looked after, and received all the medical treatment and medical reports commensurate with the injury sustained, and a settlement, based on the strength of the reports commissioned, that would change his life. 
So, what if your local personal injury solicitors is advising you to accept, but you’ve suffered, let’s say an injury at the hands of a doctor or surgeon? I mean, you did your research, and you’ve instructed the best medical negligence solicitors in the area… haven’t you? Basically, if your accident claim solicitors haven’t explained the settlement to you properly, or the settlement offered for your personal injury claim just doesn’t feel like it’s enough, then don’t be scared to ask. Any personal injury solicitors who specialise in personal injury, or indeed any solicitors who deal in medical negligence, should only be too happy to meet with you, and make sure you’re fully aware of the personal injury settlement offer made. 
The best time to settle a personal injury claim, is when your legal team hold all the medical reports possible, giving them the ammunition to assess and value your personal injury claim fully. In all cases, it's imperative that you, and your legal team, are fully aware of the nature, longevity, and how the personal injury sustained will affect you. Any good personal injury solicitor, be it your local solicitors, your solicitors in Lancaster, your law firm in Preston, or our solicitors Garstang, will tell you that the role of your personal injury solicitor is to put the injured client in the position they would have been in were it not for the accident/medical negligence claim. 
Work on this logic. If I were to tell you I had a car for sale, for £5,000.00, you’d ask the make, model, colour, mileage, and so forth- you'd want as much information as possible- so why would you settle a personal injury claim without all off the relevant medical reports? 
MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitors in Lancaster, Longridge and Garstang, accept instruction from clients all across England and Wales, with home visits available, and all cases accepted on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. Come and see us at any of our offices, or email us at if you’ve suffered an injury resulting from an accident at work, a trip, slip or fall in the street, or suffered an injury due to the negligence of a medical practitioner. If you’re unhappy with your solicitor, then MG Legal have a team of solicitors who deal with medical negligence, and our road traffic accident solicitors are second to none- and we are always happen to have your file transferred to our offices in Lancaster, Garstang or Preston, at no cost to you. 
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