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Personal Injury claims involving e-scooters are rapidly increasing, and police are cracking down. Our expert personal injury solicitors weigh in on the legal standpoint of the scooters.  
In the past week alone, over 500 electric scooters were seized by Metropolitan Police as they carried out a number of patrols across London streets. These patrols were carried out due to an apparent surge in the use of private e-scooters on the roads, where they are not legally permitted. 
However, there seems to be some sort of miscommunication between the public and the authorities, and many people are confused as to what exactly the rules are regarding the use of electric scooters. Our expert personal injury solicitors offer insight, and discuss this below. 

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When and where can I ride my e-scooter legally? 

According to Met Police, the use of privately owned e-scooters on public roads is still very much illegal in the UK. This means that if you are the proud owner of an electric scooter, you are only permitted to ride it on your own private land, or other private land where you have permission to do so. 
The reason for this is the inability to regulate the speeds of privately owned electric scooters, some of which can reach speeds of 60mph. With e-scooters not yet being recognised vehicles on the roads, and therefore not having speed regulations in place, this would be extremely unsafe. They are currently only seen as ‘powered transporters’. 

Can I ride a rented e-scooter on the roads? 

Yes, you can. Electric scooters available to rent in a number of London boroughs, including Ealing, Hammersmith, and Richmond upon Thames. These scooters have a maximum speed of 15.5 mph, and have both front and rear lights installed for added safety. 

Why can't I use my e-scooter on public roads? 

While our expert personal injury solicitors specialising in road traffic accidents recognise that these rules may seem frustrating, they are in place to keep people safe. Fast-moving e-scooters can be dangerous for both the riders and other road users, but scooter riders have the added risk of not being strapped in or wearing any safety equipment. 
A young boy tragically died in recent weeks after sustaining injuries in a road traffic collision with a car while riding a rented e-scooter in England. This just goes to show the need for further research regulation of the use of electric scooters. 

Are e-scooters dangerous? 

As they are not an officially recognised vehicle, there is no official data or statistics available for the number of crashes involving e-scooters that take place. However, a representative from the Met police has recently stated that they are increasing sharply. 

How can MG Legal's personal injury solicitors help with my e-scooter crash claim? 

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident while riding an electric scooter, whether private or rented, and have suffered injuries, then you may be entitled to financial compensation. 
Our expert team of personal injury solicitors specialising in e-scooter road traffic accidents are always available for a no obligation chat to discuss your situation and potential claim. We accept all of our clients on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning that if we do not succeed in winning financial compensation for our clients, then we do no get paid for our work. 
Contact out expert solicitors online, here, or via email at and hear back from us within one working hour. 
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