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Let’s tell it exactly as it is- representing yourself in court, or when drafting legal documentation, is not a good idea. The rules (Civil Procedure Rules 1998, as we are talking about road traffic accident solicitors, in this instance) are not ‘watered down; for the general public, and there is no special dispensation afforded by the courts to those injured in road traffic accidents who do not have the means to instruct a solicitor dealing in road traffic accidents. And yet, despite the obvious pressures put upon the court system (trust us when we say, it’s already busy, and complicated enough), and the lack of parity for those representing themselves, the Civil Liability Bill is coming to a legal system near you in April 2020. 
Over the years, the MOJ have attempted to dissuade those injured in road traffic accidents, from making a claim for compensation (and stop those pesky personal injury solicitors in Preston from making any money), but the Civil Liability Bill, once it takes effect, will be the final nail in the coffin for those seeking justice. MG Legal specialise in road traffic accidents and are well renowned accident injury solicitors in Lancaster. With an aggregate of 30 plus years of assisting clients obtain compensation, we can honestly say that the Civil Liability Bill is the biggest obstacle to justice that those suffering from ‘low-value whiplash’ claims have ever faced. What if the matter, as is often the case, becomes defended? Any personal injury solicitor will tell you that the third party will often make an offer of 50/50 to your client, when the matter occurs on a roundabout; this offer actually being made after some wrangling, and their initial offer of 100% in their insured’s favour, being rejected. What happens then? When you’re facing losing your no claims bonus, and you’re being bullied into accepting a split liability offer, when you were actually driving more carefully than a vicar with a bunch of octogenarians in the back of their Volvo? Exactly! The MOJ have created a huge void in the justice system ( the MOJ is an acronym for Ministry of ‘Justice’, right??) and to cap it all off, these cuts made under the Civil Liability Bill, follow more than 10 years’ worth of cuts in the personal injury sector, and has the price of your car insurance actually gone down in this time? 
So, as from April 2020, if you are unfortunate enough to have a road traffic accident, and suffer a personal injury, that lasts less than 2 years (medically diagnosed, one would assume), then your out of luck if you’re after legal assistance, and you’re all alone, in the hands of the convoluted justice system of England and Wales, with the other driver’s insurance company, and their legal team against you.. 
MG Legal’s expert team of solicitors in Preston, Lancaster and Longridge can confirm that on 23rd October, the Civil Liability Bill passed through the House of Commons after the government defeated Labour amendments that would have restricted a rise in the upper limit to the small claims track. 
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