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With the Civil Liability Act 2018 now due to come onto force in August, our Lancaster personal injury solicitors, have been asked how the Act will affect minors, and protected parties. 

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How will the Civil Liabilities Act 2018, affect me? 

So that you can be aware of the full affects of the Act, and how it will affect you if you have suffered personal injury resulting from a Road Traffic Accident, our solicitors in Lancaster have been keeping their proverbial ear to the ground, so as to keep those injured up to date, and protected as much as possible. 
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If you have been injured, and are a protected party, or are under the age of 18, then your personal injury claim will not, according to the Ministry of Justice, be affected in any way, and your personal injury claim will remain on the Fast Track, enabling your personal injury solicitor to obtain medical evidence through Medco, at no cost to themselves. 
The MOJ have, however reported that the exemption for those under 18, may well be a temporary measure, adding, “We are going to look and see how that operates over the course of time, and then consider whether or not, and how, we can adjust the pre-action protocol in the service to actually wrap up these claimants into it.” 
Our solicitors in Lancaster have also found another fly in the ointment, in that Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR, will not be availed to those injured in Road Traffic Accidents, as previously promised. 

I’ve been injured in a Road Traffic Accident. Will my Personal Injury Solicitor help me claim personal injury compensation? 

With the news of the Civil Liability Act becoming widespread our solicitors in Lancaster are inundated with queries regarding the changes. Well, as stated above, for those under 18, it’s business as usual. For those of us over the age of majority, then keep in touch for updates. You can still claim personal injury compensation, and our solicitors in Lancaster will be given 3 months’ within which to get our platform set up, so we can continue to offer the same excellent service (read our reviews), that we have offered injured clients for the last 10 years. 
Our team of personal injury solicitors at MG Legal will still be assisting those who have been injured in road traffic accidents. The new reforms, the same reducing the amount of compensation those injured in road traffic accidents are to receive, will come into play on 1st August, and apply only to those who have had a road traffic accident on or after that date. 
Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our Lancaster solicitors on 01524 581306. 
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