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Read on for a guide to motorcycle accident claims, how to make a claim, and what can be claimed for. From our NO WIN NO FEE motorcycle accident solicitors. 
Despite only making up around 1% of road users, motorcyclists account for around 18% of deaths on the road, and fatal road traffic accidents. This makes them one of the most vulnerable road users, and highlights the importance of educating motorcyclists on the facts of making a motorcycle accident claim for personal injury compensation. 
Our specialist motorcycle accident solicitors have put together a guide on motorcycle accident claims, below. 

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1. Motorcycling accidents are usually the fault of the driver, not the rider- 

It is no secret to our motorcyclist accident solicitors that motorbikes and motorcyclists are often demonised by other drivers and road users, and quickly blamed for any road traffic accident that they are involved in. Still, this is usually not the case. 
Police data suggests that around 65% of motorcyclist crashes occur at junctions, largely due to other drivers pulling out into the path of the oncoming motorcyclist. 
This suggests that the demonisation and unfair bias towards motorcyclists for being the cause of road traffic accidents is not justified, and the majority of accidents involving motorbikes are in fact the fault of other drivers not paying attention and driving negligently. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, and are looking for a specialist solcitor to help with your claim for personal injury compensation, get in touch with MG legal today. 

2. Motorcycling accidents cause some of the most serious injury claims- 

While motorcyclists are usually not to blame for the crashes that they are involved in, this does not help them fair any better in the severity of the injuries that they sustain. Along with pedestrians and cyclists, motorcyclists are classed as Vulnerable Road Users on UK roads. 
These road users generally have less protection, such as air bags, seatbelts, and the robust vehicle protection, and are therefore more likely to suffer from serious injuries if they are involved in a road traffic accident. 
These serious motorcycle injury claims include: 
As Vulnerable Road Users, motorcyclists are often entitled to more financial compensation in their personal injury claims in comparison to other drivers. For more information on this, see our full motorcycle claims guide, here. 

3. Fatal motorcycle accident claim- 

While nobody would wish this on anyone, our road traffic accident solicitors do often hear of motorcyclist accidents in which the rider has suffered from fatal injuries, and has unfortunately passed away as a result of the crash. If this is the case, then MG Legal’s specialist solicitors work with empathy and compassion with the family of the bereaved rider in order to make a fatal accident personal injury claim, in order to ensure that any dependants and relatives of the deceased are taken care of financially. 
This process can appear complicated, but our specialist solicitors are experts in these claims, working closely with our Wills and Probate team where necessary, and will make the claims process entirely stress-free for the family. 

4. Suing a pedestrian- 

As with all road traffic accident claims, the key to a motorcycle accident claim is proving the negligence of another party that caused the collision and injuries. This can be difficult when it comes to pedestrians, with little physical evidence available to show that they made any mistake. In addition to this, pedestrians are one of the only uninsured road users. This means that, even if you were able to work with a specialist solicitor in order to prove negligence on behalf of the pedestrian, it would be difficult to recover the compensation that you deserve in a claim. 
If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in the last three years, and are unsure whether or not you may have a valid claim for financial compensation, get in touch with our specialist motorcycle accident solicitors today, here, for a no-obligation discussion of your potential NO WIN NO FEE claim. 

5. Motorcycle accident claims require specialist legal analysis- 

When you get in touch with our specialist motorcycle accident solicitors, your designated solicitor will get to work straight away on building your strong claim for personal injury. This process will begin with obtaining a completed Claim Form off you as the client, which will allow your motorcycle accident solicitor to begin working on the claim. 
This will involve corresponding with third party insurers on your behalf, obtaining the help of specialist medical experts to create a full medical report of your injuries, and how they will impact on your life. 
After obtaining all of the relative information, and taking everything into account, such as any lost earnings or potential lost earnings that you may suffer from your injuries, your specialist solicitor will value your personal injury claim. In the vast majority of cases, the other party will accept liability, and the case will be settled before any court proceedings. However, if necessary, our team are more than prepared to fight your claim tooth and nail in court, and win your financial compensation. 
Our team may seem confident in our abilities, and that’s because we are. MG Legal’s personal injury solicitors have a success rate of over 99%, and over 30 years of experience in road traffic accident claims. If you are looking for a NO WIN NO FEE solicitor to help with your motorcycle accident claim, then look no further than MG Legal. 
Simply get in touch with our team, here, or by email at , and hear back from a specialist solicitor the same working day for a no-obligation, cost-free discussion of your potential claim. 
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