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In a world where social media filters are used on a daily basis to hide how we really look, and HD TV shows all our wrinkles and defects, many of us don’t feel too comfortable out there in the real world, and we decided to have a nip or a tuck, botox fillers, or even dental braces, to give us the perfect smile. 
And when implemented properly, I’m sure that most people look perfectly fine, and are happy with the surgeon’s efforts. But what if all didn’t go to plan? MG Legal, solicitors who deal with medical negligence claims on a daily basis from their offices in Lancaster, Longridge and Garstang, have seen some real horror stories. Things that go bump in the night? How about things that become infected in the night, or even fall off in the night? Our solicitors in Lancaster, Garstang and Longridge have seen the lot. 
On a less scary note, imagine going to your trusted family dentist, and spending your hard- earned money on a pair of dental braces, that your dentist then fails to fit properly. Your nearest solicitors dealing in personal injury, can’t mention any of the thousands of personal injury matters that they have settled for their clients, all on a No Win No Fee Basis, due to client confidentiality, but we do know of a young lady called Daniella Riches, an 18 year old student who’s dentist fitted braces to her when she was 12 in 2012, arguably incorrectly, leaving her with ‘wonky’ teeth, and severe jaw pain. 
After 4 years’ of wearing the braces, and being ridiculed by her peers, Miss Riches thought a second opinion was in order and went to another dentist. Even the best medical negligence solicitors would have been shocked to find that Miss Riches’ braces had actually made her teeth more crooked than they were when she was 12 years old. New braces were fitted and Miss Riches’ teeth were all nice and straight 18 months later… some 6 years after braces being fitted. Solicitors in Preston, Lancashire, MG Legal, will add, however that Dr Waldron, the original dentist, did not at any point admit liability for what appears to be a rather clear cut case of medical negligence, at the hands of a medical practitioner. 
Miss Riches received £10,500.00 in settlement of her medical negligence claim, and the matter is now settled. If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer medical negligence at the hands of a doctor, surgeon, or any medical practitioner, MG Legal, best medical negligence solicitors Preston and Lancaster, will accept your claim on a No-Win-No-Fee Basis, with you keeping up to 100% of the agreed damages. If you’re looking for your nearest personal injury solicitors, then please do not hesitate to get in touch at enquiries@mglegal.co.uk or on Lancaster 01524 581306, Preston 01772 783314 or Garstang 01995 602129. 
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