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We’ve all heard it. Whether it’s down the local, or in some less highbrow magazine.. ‘some bloke from Timbuctoo received a trillion quid for his personal injury settlement, when he lost a fingernail at work’… 
But did he, and are these stories all part of the urban myths that have a habit of frequenting the quarters of the less-sober of us…? 
Accident injury solicitors, and Personal injury solicitors in Preston, MG Legal’s expert team of accident injury solicitors are here to dispel the myths. 
Ok, in no particular order, we have, Miss Milly Evans. Milly received an award of £10.8 million pounds in 2012 as a result of a seizure she suffered at birth, as a result of the negligence of the hospital trust, resulting in Milly suffering from cerebral palsy. Her legal team were some of the best medical negligence solicitors, and the case settled some 11 years after she was born. The Defendant was ordered to pay £5.9 million by way of compensation immediately, plus £5.9 million for future costs- these including adapting any houses and cars that Milly would use during the course of her life. Most Medical negligence solicitors will accept instruction on a Conditional Fee 'No Win No Fee' Agreement, so do not be afraid to ask- they will only be too glad to discuss any medical negligence claim with you. 
Using a team of road traffic accident solicitors, Wasim Mohammed, received an award equating to £11.15 million pounds, in 2010. Wasim was the unfortunate victim of a road traffic accident, when he was the passenger in a vehicle that crashed whilst attempting to overtake another car. Wasim and his family chose a team of solicitors specialising in personal injury arising out of road traffic accidents, and the award was finalised some 4 years after the collision- this happening in 2006. MG Legal, solicitors in Lancaster, and at their Preston law firm, have helped many people like Wasim to obtain the best compensation possible. We may not always be your nearest solicitors, but our accident injury solicitors offer free half hour consultations and home visits throughout the North West, 7 days a week. Are there any other Preston solicitors offering this service? Not that we know of. 
A very sad tale this one. Agnes Collier received 23 million pounds as a result of a road traffic accident in which her mother died, and her brother was horrifically injured. Agnes and her family didn’t use their nearest solicitors; at a very sad time, they still had to choose wisely, accident injury solicitors and accident claim solicitors who would fight for the best compensation. Choosing the right team of road traffic accident solicitors can vastly improve the amount of compensation you are awarded. Solicitors in Preston Lancashire and solicitors in Lancaster, like MG Legal, road accident solicitors, are available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have if you have been injured. Contact us at enquiries@mglegal.co.uk for an immediate response to your personal injury claim. 
A prolific cyclist, and Commonwealth Games entrant, Mr Manny Helmot’s accident compensation solicitors fought to get him an award of roughly £14 million when he was knocked off his cycle by a car in 1998. Cyclists have always been the more vulnerable of the road users, and this time somebody was seriously injured. As a result of the collision, Manny was rendered partially blind, and lost the use of his right arm.  
The above personal injury cases are just the tip of the iceberg. There are over 7 billion people in the world now, and if you can think of a situation, then somebody has probably been injured doing it. 
So, did the ‘mates mate’ from Timbuctoo get the trillion quid when he lost that fingernail. Well, no. He didn’t. Personal injury solicitors may be good, but nobody’s perfect. 
If you’ve been injured, then one our team will help you. Get in touch. MG Legal solicitors in Lancaster 01524 581306, solicitors in Longridge 01772 783314 or solicitors Garstang 01995 602129. 
For an immediate response 7 days – enquiries@mglegal.co.uk 
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