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When we sit behind the wheel, we always make sure that our seat belts are fastened, we have enough fuel, and there are no issues with our vehicle. If you drive a BMW, there’s probably the perennial warning light of some sort on the dash, but you are forgiven for ignoring this. However, one thing we may seem to forget, is, are we wearing suitable footwear to drive? 
MG Legal’s accident claim solicitors have found that there seems to be some form of myth surrounding whether it is illegal to drive whilst wearing flip flops. Whilst it is not illegal, if you are wearing inappropriate footwear that impedes your ability to operate your vehicle and causes danger to your own, and others’, safety, then there may be liability placed upon you within a claim arising out of a road traffic accident. If this is the case, you may be placed with a hefty fine which can reach up to £5,000.00. 
The RAC go on to comment that wearing flip flops whilst driving could cause issues by increasing your breaking time, and so, making your driving hazardous. 
This would go for any form of footwear, our team aren’t just picking on flip flops. The question mark seems to hang over flip flops as they have a tendency to become wedged underneath the pedals, which may pose detrimental effects to the way in which the vehicle is operated. 
Whilst not illegal, MG Legal’s accident injury solicitors would always recommend that your footwear is something you consider before stepping behind the wheel, in order to avoid a fine, points on your driver’s licence and in some cases, even a driving ban. Not only thinking of your own safety, but the safety of others as this could be the difference between a safe journey and a serious collision. 
If you have, unfortunately, been involved in a road traffic accident, contact MG Legal, and our team of accident injury solicitors are on hand to help. 
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