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A young girl who has fallen off the playground equipment and has hurt her head and leg.
As children, we all remember scraping knees and elbows and, for some of us, we find ways to worry our parents by hurting ourselves more seriously. Whether it’s by falling out of trees, off our bikes or playing out somewhere with friends, sometimes children can hurt themselves and it’s all part of growing up- just “one of those things”.  
This isn’t always the case and sometimes, particularly when we trust our children to professionals, either to their care or in activity playgrounds or adventure parks, the accident can be avoided if proper steps have been taken. 

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Here at MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, we specialise in separating the bumps and scrapes that are part of childhood, from those injuries that could have been prevented. MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, has acted on behalf of parents and guardians of children who have been injured at nursery, school, on holiday, in play or adventure parks and generally when out and about. 
Each of these places needs appropriate risk assessment to remove any foreseeable dangers and in the event that it provides care or supervision, this has been properly worked out in advance to keep your children safe. This can be as simple as putting foam padding on a sharp edge, closing the door leading to an unsafe area or checking that enough staff are available to properly supervise the group of children they have been left to look after. 
MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, have successfully recovered damages arising from injuries caused to children by falling light fixtures at a nursery, cut by broken glass in a swimming pool and by being allowed into an area that was not “child proofed” when they banged their head. Because of the fact that most children do manage to injure themselves, people sometimes forget that these can be prevented. MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, has also recovered damages on behalf of children with injuries sustained due to being inadequately supervised. Many schools, childrens’ centres and playgroups or clubs which offer supervised activities for children have a duty to ensure that they have enough staff to supervise all the children attending safely. If children are not safely supervised whilst playing on, say, a trampoline they are likely to sustain an injury. Just because an injury has been suffered, does not mean that it is always “one of those things”. 
Every award to a child is, as the law requires, approved using the advice of an independent barrister to make sure the settlement is appropriate in each case. Unlike many other local solicitors, we also do not deduct any fees from your child’s settlement and so they will receive 100% of their award. 
So, if your child has suffered an injury and you believe it could have been prevented, get in touch with MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, to discuss making a claim on a Conditional Fee Agreement (“no win no fee” agreement) today. And remember, if you or your little one have tripped, fallen, or taken a tumble, MG Legal’s experts know how much your injury is worth in the concrete jungle. 
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