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Recently reported by The Law Society Gazette, our team of Probate solicitors are pleased to inform our clients that these are no more! 
According to Robert Buckland, plans to introduce a scaled fee system (which you can read about in our blog, here, written by our expert solicitors in Preston), have been abandoned. 
Multiple organisations had campaigned against the introduction of the new fee scale, given that this could see some deceased’s families paying up to £6,000.00, depending on the size of their estate. 
The President of the Law Society, Simon Davis, said in a statement that “a hike in probate fees would have been a tax on grief. We campaigned vigorously against the increase on behalf of bereaved families, and are relieved the government has listened to reason”. 
So, what is the probate fee? 
Well, at the moment, if you are applying for Probate in your loved one’s estate yourself, the application fee would is £273. 
How much will Probate cost? 
Well, if you are applying yourself, you will have to pay the probate application fee, as well as any other costs for copy documents required. If you decide to use your probate solicitors, MG Legal, our fees are fixed at £500.00 plus VAT for the Probate application. 
Do I have to use a solicitor to apply for Probate? 
Well, from a team of probate solicitors, you may be surprised by our answer. The short answer is: no. However, a lot of our clients tell us that they find the application for Probate a stressful process, especially given that people are generally dealing with the loss of their loved one at the same time. 
Our team of Probate solicitors are experts in dealing with Probate applications and will be able to deal with the matter from start to finish. Providing that you can provide our team with all the information require to complete the application, the Probate application can be finalised and submitted quickly, ensuring that you get the Grant as quickly as possible. Trust us when we say, using a solicitor will make the whole process smoother, and guaranteed to be done correctly. 
How do I start the process of instructing probate solicitors? 
Well, you can complete our online enquiry form, here, or you can give our team of Preston solicitors a call on 01772 783 314. 
We will initially need details of the executors (or who will be applying for Probate), the name and date of death of the deceased, and information about the value of their estate. 
Our team are experts in dealing with probate applications, and can make sure that the process is as seamless and stress free as possible for you. Afterall, losing a loved one is already a stressful situation, so don’t add extra stress to yourself: let your expert probate solicitors in Preston deal with matters on your behalf, today. 
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