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With their ever changing menu and offers of sweet treats, the purchase is not where it ends for the Starbucks experience. The Instagram and Snapchat posts of the freshly made beverages (usually with your name spelt incorrectly on the side) mean the Starbucks name is further propelled into the world of social media. 
With appearances, particularly for the younger generation, being seemingly more important than ever from social media pressures, one particular case has been brought to the attention of our accident claim solicitors in Preston, involving, the well-known, Starbucks name. 
The Claimant, Demi Mooney, aged 12 (at the time of the incident), had purchased a number of items from one particular Starbucks branch in Dublin, including a frappuccino coffee, a tea and a cookie. The young girl left the establishment and was carrying the tea, along with the rest of the items, with the tea balanced between her elbow and ribs. The tea then spilt out, scalding and burning her arms as a result. 
The Claimant was provided with medical attention, inclusive of treatment from the hospital’s plastic clinic. Unfortunately, the scalding has left the young girl with burns and lifelong scarring. As you can imagine, this will have a significant impact on the Claimant’s day to day life. At her age, such injury may go on to affect her choice of clothing, the activities she takes part in and her self confidence in general. 
In light of this, she brought a claim, through local personal injury solicitors. The claim was brought about on the basis that a tray should have been provided to carry the items purchased, particularly as the Claimant was a child. If a tray had been provided the incident may have been avoided. Starbucks attempted to strongly defend the claim, claiming that a tray had been offered, and that there was an element of contributory negligence. (See our blog on contributory negligence for more information on this topic.) The proposed split in liability was between 20-25%. The matter was, however, was settled and Demi Mooney was awarded over £75,000 in damages. 
If you believe that you have been subject to injury, through no fault of your own, MG Legal’s accident claim solicitors are on hand to advise on such matters. Contact our solicitors in Lancaster today, or drop in to see our solicitors in Preston today (no appointment necessary), and our team of specialist personal injury solicitors would be happy to assist in obtaining the compensation you deserve. 
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