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Our expert team of solicitors in Lancaster were shocked to find out about recent goings-on, leaving a 200-year-old-plus tree dying. 
In a recent news article, published by the Metro, a 200-year-old tree was the subject of attack, by a yet-unknown perpetrator. 
Jill Sarchet, aged 51, from Burnley, began worrying about the tree when she noticed the leaves turning brown, which is when, on closer inspection, she discovered the holes drilled into the base of her beloved tree. 
Very upset, Mrs Sarchet is in contact with her local councillor, Gordon Birtwistle, who visited the tree for himself, counting over 52, five-inch holes. He explained how ‘outraged’ he was, and went on to point out the environmental impact if people decided to do this to trees everywhere they went – it would be devastating! 

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Not only is this person intentionally climbing into Mrs Sarchet’s garden every night to – supposedly – poison the tree, the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), which is in place to protect the tree from being damaged or cut down. 
The TPO protects the tree and means that anyone who wilfully destroys or damages a tree that is the subject of a TPO, can be taken to Court, and fined up to £20,000.00. 
You might not think you will get caught, but with the profile of this case increasing, it’s not outside the imagination that the person responsible could end up being caught. 
Sadly, even after spending over £500.00 on fences to prevent any further damage from occurring, Mrs Sarchet has been warned by Greg Thompson, a tree expert who travelled from Cumbria to Burnley to assess the tree, that there is a high change the tree may die completely over the next few months. 
The impact of this has been more far-reaching than a dying tree! Mrs Sarchet has told the paper that she now lies in bed, worried about whether someone is out in her garden, and even letting her dog out puts her on edge. Even Mrs Sarchet’s daughter in scared of sleeping in her bedroom in case someone is outside her window! 
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