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Personal injury takes many forms, and whilst the first image to come to mind might be a back muscle injury or a broken leg, or even a road traffic accident, one of the most serious injuries that we can sustain as humans is a brain injury. As with any injury, not all injuries are the same and as MG Legal, your personal injury solicitor Lancaster, know from our wealth of experience, brain injuries can take many forms, some very minor, and some life changing. 
The first type of brain injury that likely comes to mind, particularly for any rugby, football or cricket fan, is concussion. New research is emerging constantly as to how concussion can have much more lasting effects than just blurred vision and a headache for a few hours. Many personal injury claims involve an element of brain injury, whiplash injuries can involve headaches, which are sometimes as a result of the sudden ‘shaking’ of the head caused by two vehicles colliding. Slips, trips or falls can also lead to brain injury, often as a result of the head hitting the floor and accidents at work carry the same possibilities, with falling objects or malfunctioning machinery capable of causing a head and brain injury. 

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Just with any other type of personal injury, you are entitled to make a personal injury claim and as with any injury, it is important to obtain the right advice and representation to ensure all possible symptoms are included. So, MG Legal, your personal injury solicitor Lancaster, recommend that you always use a solicitor as representing yourself might seem like a quick and easy way to deal with a claim, doing so can leave large areas of the case unexplored, without evidence and thus, no compensation being paid for the losses or injuries. Often, it can take a report from an expert such as a Neurosurgeon and investigations such as MRI or CAT scans to fully investigate any brain injury, even if it is just to set your mind at ease and confirm there is no long-term damage. 
Should there be a more serious injury that impacts your life in the long-term, a solicitor will be able to use various experts to calculate any future losses including lost earnings, care needs, adaptation of a home, loss of ability to drive or treatment costs to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. These are known as “life-changing” injuries and when you see an award of, say, millions in the newspapers totalling millions of pounds, the likelihood is that much of the award is for future losses and care. These instances are, thankfully, rare and often the injury is not as serious but, if the injury is not your fault, still warrants a significant award. 
MG Legal, your personal injury solicitor Lancaster, look to accept all personal injury instructions on a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee agreement) basis and so there is no risk to you in making your claim. If you have sustained any type of personal injury, contact MG Legal at our offices in Lancaster, Garstang or Longridge, to discuss how we can help you with your claim. 
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