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Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston have talked before about the dangers of allergies, especially people who do not take them seriously enough. 
One case, which thankfully did not lead to death, was a school teacher, Mrs Woods, who has a deadly allergy to bananas. 
Unfortunately, a few of her students, aged between 12 and 13, didn’t comprehend the severity of their teacher’s allergies, and took it upon themselves to smear the door handle to the classroom. Not stopping at what could be construed as a joke, the teens then hurled bananas at their teacher once she had entered the room. 

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Sadly, Mrs Woods entered anaphylactic shock in front of her class, and, after attempting to use an EpiPen on her twice, she was rushed to hospital. It’s said that she has now recovered from the terrifying incident, although it’s not known whether she will continue in her old position as the Art teacher, or whether she has taken up a new job. 
But, the big question many people will be wondering is whether the teens were at fault? Well, had they not known about her allergy, it could be argued that it was just a prank, albeit a horrible one (we’re not in the middle ages anymore, throwing fruit at people is a horrible thing to do). However, Mrs Woods’ door had a sign on it, which clearly explained that she was allergic to bananas, and asking anybody who had eaten one, to ensure they had washed their hands before entering her room. 
In this case, the Mirror explains that the three culprits were excluded from school, and were taken to Court in their town, Ohio, USA, being sentenced to probation. 
Fortunately, this incident turned out okay in the end for those involved (well, luckily their teacher didn’t die from her reaction, and the teens got their comeuppance), but not all cases will end as well! 
So, if you’ve suffered from a severe allergic reaction due to incorrectly labelled food packaging, or due to the fault of somebody else, contact our team of expert Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston on 01772 783 314 or email Or, if you’re more of a face-to-face person, why not pop into one of our offices – you can find the details here
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