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When you are at work, you would – quite reasonably – expect to be safe in an environment where you should not be injured. Sadly, our Personal Injury Compensation Solicitors in Lancaster know that, all too often, accidents can happen, leaving you out of pocket and with potentially life-changing injuries. 
With over 20 years of experience in successfully settling injury compensation claims, our team, made up of Mark Gregory and Philip Cranage, are experts in ascertaining at the start of your matter whether you are likely to have a successful claim. This means that, from the initial consultation, you know better where you stand and whether you have a chance of successfully receiving compensation for the injuries that you have suffered. 
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Below, our Personal Injury team have outlined some of the thousands of injury compensation claims that they have successfully settled over the past 3 years. 

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Case Study 1 

Our expert team were approached by a client who, completely unexpectedly, had found themselves stuck in a lift at work. Some people would find this traumatic enough without the added injuries that our client received when they were jolted by the stilted movements of the lift. 
Our client arranged an initial free consultation with our Personal Injury Compensation Solicitors in Lancaster, who advised them that we thought they would have a successful compensation claim. After contacting the third-party insurer – their employee’s insurance company – we managed to negotiate compensation for our client of over £4,000! 
Fortunately, our client recovered from their injuries and managed to get back out to work in no time at all, with an extra £4,000 for their losses. 

Case Study 2 

Another client approached us after severing the tip of their finger in an accident at their work place. After fighting with their employer for a little while, it all boiled down to the fact that our client was carrying out a task alone when, to keep in line with Health and Safety Regulations, they should have been working with at least one other person. 
After negotiating on their behalf, our Personal Injury Compensation Solicitors in Lancaster managed to achieve an excellent sum of £6,000 on behalf of our client. Our client has since recommended us to over a dozen of his colleagues and friends, for help dealing with their injury compensation claims. 

Case Study 3 

On one occasion, we were approached by a client who had been left without adequate Personal Protective Equipment to carry out his job; installation of an air conditioning unit. As you would normally hope, the air conditioning unit was extremely cold and, subsequently, our client found himself with fingers that had physically frozen due to lack of the correct hand protective gear. 
Again, our Personal Injury Compensation Solicitors in Lancaster fought tooth and nail with the employer’s insurer to achieve over £30,000 compensation for our client’s losses and injuries; as always, our client was incredibly happy with the life changing compensation that we had achieved for him. 
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