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Whether you are going out for a meal or buying pre-cooked, re-heatable food to consume from the comfort of your own home, you expect it to be safe to eat. This means that it should be free from allergens that are not set out on the label (read our blog about a recent product recall due to food contamination, here) and free from germs that could cause serious illness. 

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MG Legal’s personal injury food contamination compensation solicitors are frequently contacted by clients who have been unfortunate enough to eat food which has been contaminated with bacteria, for example, due to incorrect preparation or the food being undercooked. 

What is food poisoning? 

Food poisoning is an illness which can be caused by food contaminated with germs, such as campylobacter bacteria (the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK, according to the NHS), E. coli, norovirus and salmonella bacteria. 

What are the symptoms of food poisoning? 

The symptoms of food poisoning can vary and not every person will experience every symptom in exactly the same way. However, the most common symptoms of food poisoning include: 
- Diarrhoea 
- Nausea, stomach cramps or vomiting 
- A high temperature (38C or above) 
- Feeling tired 
- Aches and chills. 

How will I know if I have food poisoning? 

Well, if you experience the above symptoms, it could be that you have food poisoning. Our expert personal injury solicitors specialise in injuries and illness caused by negligence in the preparation of food, and would always advise that if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should contact your GP for advice on what you should do. 

How long after eating bad food do you get sick? 

The NHS advise that these symptoms can start as soon as a few hours after eating the contaminated food, up to a few weeks after consumption so, if you have purchased a ready-to-heat food product or eaten a meal out in the past few weeks, this could be the cause of your food-related illness. 

How common is food poisoning? 

According to data published by the Food Standards Agency, the body responsible for upholding food standards and safety in the UK, there is an estimated 2.4 million cases of foodborne illness every year in the UK (as of 2018). The full report is available, here
This figure may seem quite low compared to the population of the UK, however, for each of those cases where the person ate a meal out or purchased food from a shop or supermarket that was not correctly prepared, there was a duty of care owed to them by the vendor of the food. In these cases, the duty of care has not been met. 

How long until food poisoning goes away? 

If you are suffering from food poisoning, the symptoms should usually clear up within a week. However, if your symptoms do not improve or you are experiencing any additional symptoms, or simply want advice about any of the symptoms above, contact your GP or a medical professional to find out what you should do. 

Asda have recalled their Asda 2 Original Chicken Chargrills due to salmonella found in the product: find out what to do if you have purchased them. 

MG Legal, local solicitors near to you, are aware of a recent product recall by Asda of their 2 Original Chicken Chargrills due to salmonella found in the product. This applies to 170g packs, with the batch code 31120953, with a best before of 5 September 2022. You can read the full details of the product recall, here
If you have purchased this product and have not yet eaten it, you can take the product to your local Asda for a full refund. 

What do I do if I ate a recalled product? 

If you have consumed a food product that has been recalled due to contamination of bacteria, and have experienced any of the above symptoms, contact MG Legal’s expert team of personal injury solicitors near to you, who specialise in food contamination claims, to discuss making a claim. As a consumer, you are owed a duty of care by the vendors of such products, and if this duty of care has not been shown to you, you may be entitled to compensation. 

How do I contact MG Legal, solicitors near me? 

MG Legal’s expert team can be contacted at your local office; Longridge (01772 783 314), Garstang (01995 602 129) or Lancaster (01524 581 306). You can also contact our team online, here, or via email to All of our food injury and illness compensation claims are accepted on a No Win No Fee basis so it won’t cost you a penny. Contact us today for a response within the hour
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