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The UK is set to start monitoring flights in from China as a precaution against the new Coronavirus spreading into the country. China has had an outbreak of a new strain of this virus, which can cause symptoms from those of a mild cold to pneumonia and in China, nine people from a total number of 440 with the illness have died as a result. 
The Chinese government has restricted travel into Wuhan, the capital city of the Hubei province in a bid to minimise spread of the virus, which can be transmitted between humans. As it can be transmitted between humans, the cabin of an aircraft, with its close –packed passengers and constantly recirculated, warm air, is an ideal place for a large number of people to catch the virus. 
The steps taken by both the Chinese and British governments are, it appears, sensible ones and in the situation as it stands, will minimise the chances of the virus spreading, firstly in China and secondly of it being brought into Britain. The chances of the virus spreading re, of course, not reduced to zero with these measures and barring halting all passengers from flights, sea voyages and trains entering the country, it is unlikely this could ever realistically happen. 

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This is a prime example of an organisation taking reasonable steps to minimise a risk and it is one that can be seen time after time in everyday life. We attend a shop, they have a duty to take reasonable steps to keep you safe by designing the shop properly, stacking shelves safely and inspecting and cleaning up any hazards such as loose packaging, spillages or broken glass quickly. In the street, the local Council has a duty to inspect for and repair potholes, raised paving stones and broken street or road furniture such as signs, bollards and benches. Basically, all reasonable care has to be take so as to avoid the public suffering personal injury. 
It is impossible to entirely remove any risk and so, when assessing any claim, MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, will look for evidence that reasonable care has not been taken. It is often the misconception that because an incident happened, or that a serious injury occurred, it should automatically follow that a case succeeds. Unfortunately, accidents to genuinely happen and sometimes, the person, company or organisation responsible will have done all that the Law reasonably expects them to do. If a customer in a large shop spills something, the shop is expected to have a reasonable system of inspection ie. a walked inspection of the entire store every hour or so to identify such spillages, plus it is usual for staff to be trained in “clean as you go” practices to actively minimise the duration of any spillage. However, if that spill happened moments before someone slips on it, it is unlikely a claim would succeed as the shop cannot, reasonably, be expected to post a member of staff permanently on each aisle to continuously monitor for spills. 
Any incident where you sustain an injury that is not in a vehicle, or at work, is likely to fall into the broad category of a “Public Liability Claim”. At MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, we are highly experienced in identifying the incidents where the responsible party has failed to take those reasonable steps and thus, recovering compensation for losses and personal injury that have been sustained. Whilst many insurers will initially deny liability, once we have obtained all the documentation from the organisation at fault, it is often the case that they have not taken all reasonable precautions and that they have breached their duty of care to the injured party. 
So, if you have sustained an injury as a result of any kind of slip, trip, fall or any other type of incident, please contact MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, to discuss your claim. We accept all instructions on a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee) basis. Please call, email or drop in to our offices in Garstang, Lancaster or Longridge and we will be happy to discuss any case with you to ensure that you have the best chance of receiving an award for your injuries. 
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