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We all, particularly our solicitors in Preston working from sunny Garstang, know that the current UK climate can be extremely unpredictable. Recent research, however, has gone one step further and shown potential buyers why this may just be an important factor to consider when searching for their dream home. 
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have made staggering claims and advise that, by 2050, as many as one billion people may be affected by climate change. Climate change is the cause of our rising sea levels as ice sheets continue to melt, and our oceans continue to warm, with a record-breaking warmth in 2019. 

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What does this have to do with the property I want to buy, you may ask. Well, United Nations scientists are warning that the rapid changes that may be ahead of us could be of extreme risk to coastal property homeowners. With their predictions as to how, if change is to continue at this rapid speed, sea levels may continue to rise, this could mean an increase of up to 115cm in London, for example. As you can see, this may be set to put coastal properties in a real danger of regular flooding. 
In addition, as emissions continue to increase, this can lead to changes in the weather (as we have all been witness to) and an increase in rainfall which, in turn, will also result in increased flood risks. In contrast, this can also lead to drought and, in some extreme cases, even fires. 
If you have plans to purchase a coastal property, or any other property for that matter, contact our team of solicitors in Preston or Lancaster, today. Whilst our team are not environmental specialists, our conveyancing solicitors do deal with property searches and enquiries on a daily basis. Our team take the time to review a number of factors and raise any necessary points of concern. If the above is to have the dramatic affect scientists believe, this could affect whether that dream home really is the dream. 
For all your conveyancing queries, get in touch today at and our conveyancing solicitors will be on hand to assist. 
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