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The Land Registry are a government body whom hold property records and documents for registered land across the board. Our solicitors in Preston deal with the Land Registry on a daily basis, whether it be completing registrations of property, to obtaining property title documents, there are a range of services which they provide. Their services are, however, currently being revamped with a new digital focus for land charges data. 
Your local authority holds a record, known as a Land Charges Register, of all properties within the area and the matters affecting them. Land Charges involve certain obligations and prohibitions which can be registered against the title to a property, as a record that the same are in place and are to be complied with. Common examples often relate to planning obligations, tree preservation order restrictions and smoke control area notices. Such charges will affect the owner of the property, and, in the event that the charges are not removed. 
The responsibility for such records was, in 2018, transferred to HM Land Registry, in an effort to make the conveyancing process less stressful. This is, usually, the job of our solicitors in Preston, however, less stress is never bad news so our conveyancers are all ears. 
This data would, usually, be revealed, when purchasing a property, within the local authority search results. See our blog on the importance of conveyancing searches for more information, by following this link. The Land Registry reforms, however, are attempting to standardise this data, meaning that all information will be held in one, easily accessible, area. 

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The reforms are, however, taking somewhat longer than expected. The Land Registry began their mission in 2018, with plans for the data of 326 local authorities across England to be centralised. Latest updates from them suggest that, over the coming year, they aim to complete the transfer for just 26 of those authorities. This is because the data which each local authority holds can massively differ, therefore, there are different requirements and time scales to consider. This meaning that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and the Land Registry are simply taking the same one local authority at a time. 
What may this mean for you, and conveyancing transaction, you may ask? Well, to centralise the data in connection with land charges, would mean that the same could be accessed much easier and quicker, thus saving time. At MG Legal, we understand that our clients aim is, usually, for Completion to take place as soon as possible. Our team have this in mind, however, are required to carry out various checks. The new reforms, therefore, may just ease this process and speed matters along for our eager clients. 
Will your local authority be next? Keep up with our legal news blog as our solicitors in Preston follow the Land Registry updates closely. 
If you have queries concerning Land Charges and your property, or any other conveyancing query, contact our team of expert conveyancing solicitors today at for friendly, professional and honest advice. 
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