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A news article today has highlighted the already well publicised issue of a lack of GPs to see patients for routine and emergency appointments. Wait times of over three weeks are not uncommon and triage services are often placed in the hands of reception staff who, whilst trained, are not medically qualified. A major factor in this is that numbers of GPs overall are falling and increasing numbers of GPs are working shorter hours. 
As a result, all staff at GP practices are under ever increasing pressure with one GP, Dr Andrew Dharman, confirming that it is not necessarily possible to provide the kind of care you want because of the workload. This is another example and explanation of how incidences of medical negligence can occur. Your GP is often the first port-of-call for any kind of illness and we trust that their advice, treatment or any referral will be the correct one. Unfortunately, the lack of time permitted for each appointment, or delays in actually having an appointment, can lead to a delayed, incorrect or missed diagnosis or treatment which in turn can lead to worsening illness or prolonged recovery. Any wrong diagnosis given, should the same cause your illness to become worse, is a personal injury that, in the eyes of the law, constitutes negligence and you are therefore at liberty to pursue a claim for damages, through your local personal injury solicitor, against the relevant NHS Trust, or private doctor’s surgery. 

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Whilst we are sure that no doctor sets out to make you ill, or to prolong or worsen your illness, much the same as, say, a car crash, where a driver will accidentally hit another car because of a lapse in concentration or error in judgement rather than a desire to do damage, the fault party, whether driver or doctor, is deemed to be negligent. This is known as a tort, a civil wrong, rather than a criminal offence and this is the reason that doctors all have medical negligence insurance. 
MG Legal, your local medical negligence solicitor in Preston, handles a variety of claims arising from medical negligence, successfully pursuing claims against surgeries, hospitals, dentists and clinics. The effects of any medical negligence can be far reaching including leading to time off work, prolonged needs for treatment and care and a variety of medical or care expenses. Our medical negligence solicitor in Preston have extensive experience of dealing with all types of claim and routinely secure a settlement, favourable to our client, ensuring they are fully compensated for their injury and any losses they have incurred as a result. 
For many of our clients, their claim is as much about ensuring that their poor treatment does not occur again and whilst this is of course linked directly to a claim, complaints made by individuals are often taken less seriously. MG Legal, your local medical negligence solicitors in Preston, appreciate that equally important as obtaining payment for your losses and injuries, is the fact that as a result of any claim, practices, methods of working and overall performance are reviewed by the medical professional and the risk of future patients being subject to the same negligent treatment is reduced. 
Should you believe you have been improperly treated by any kind of medical practitioner, whether at your local surgery, a large hospital or anywhere else, please get in touch with MG Legal, your local medical negligence solicitor in Preston. We aim to act for all personal injury clients on a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee agreement) to ensure you can have the access to justice you deserve. Our medical negligence solicitors in Preston have offices in Garstang, Lancaster and Longridge, so please contact your local office and one of our team will be happy to discuss details of your claim and how we can help you if you have been the victim of medical negligence, or any other type of accident which has caused injury. 
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