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At MG Legal, our solicitors in Preston deal with property sales and purchases on a daily basis. Whether it be a mansion, or a bungalow, our team have the specialist skills required to see your conveyance through smoothly. 
There are a number of different types of property which, when considering to purchase, may all come with different pros and cons. One couple did, however, have a very clear idea on the property they wanted, and here’s how they made it happen. 
David Ffrench and Lindsey Berresford purchased a plot of Land in Bristol, in 2011, with a vision of the dream home they wanted. The pair’s goal was for the property to be as eco-friendly as possible, and so, their planning took careful consideration with the help of Michael Drake Architects. 
Four years of hard work and £230,000.00 cash later, the couple had achieved their dream. The economic planning was accounted for right down to the last slither of cement, literally. The environmental focus included the following: 
- A rainwater system, which gathers on the roof and filters into the ground, that is used to flush the toilets; 
- Little to no plastic was used in the development; 
- The use of pile foundations, which meant that much less concrete was required. 
The above, as just a few examples of the pair’s initiative, mean that their energy bill now comes to less than £150.00 per month. This would be music to the ears of, not only, our solicitors in Preston, but all homeowners we would imagine. So, why does this matter you may ask. 

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With the on-going risks global warming continues to face us with, it is no doubt that the property market is going to be affected. See our blog on how climate change may influence potential buyers, in which property they purchase, by following this link.  
Initiatives, as above, have been taken in the stride of the likes of Ffrench and Berresford, who commented that there seems to be some misconception that it is difficult to build your own property. 
Lower energy bills and helping the environment, it seems like a no brainer, doesn’t it? In addition, the government have got on board and provided Ffrench and Berresford with a renewable heat incentive grant which, again, helps them reduce their monthly outgoings. 
If you plan on taking the leap in purchasing your next home, whether it be an environmental sanctuary or not, contact our team of expert conveyancing solicitors today, who can handle the legal work, while you focus on your dream home. Get in touch today at
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