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An Amazon Alexa.
There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creeping into our lives. Many people have an “Alexa” in their home or a “Siri” on their phone and think nothing of asking them to make a call or play a song. Whilst this might not be the AI we immediately think of, usually that being the stuff of Sci-Fi films, these virtual assistants do listen to our voice, recognise the content of the spoken words and then apply it to a database, whether your phone directory or a search of available music. MG Legal, your solicitors in Lancaster, are always looking for the best and most efficient way to assist our clients and so, we have considered AI as part of the legal world in the future. 

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What does Artificial Intelligence currently do in the Legal world? 

Currently, one of the key uses of AI is in Disclosure, particularly in larger cases with a lot of data to search. One of the main phases of Litigation is the Disclosure stage, where a thorough search of various premises, usually the Claimant or Defendant and their solicitor’s office, as well as various electronic storage, is required. 
AI can search, say, the huge database of a global company and with proper programming, can identify any documents that might be relevant to the case. The alternative is that the solicitor or their client would have to search that same database by hand, taking much longer. The result is that the AI produces a list of documents it believes relevant, allowing the solicitor to then search far fewer items manually to decide what is relevant. 
Some personal injury firms use an AI database named “Premonition” to predict the ‘win rate’ for various Litigators against various Judges allowing both Solicitors and any Legal Expenses funders to more accurately assess if a case, or a particular application, is worth pursuing. A joint study by Sheffield and Pennsylvania Universities produced a similar AI that replicated Judges reasoning and which concurred with the European Court of Human Rights decision 79% of the time. 

What could AI do in the future? 

AI and Legal experts believe that there are three likely uses of AI in the future. Strategy, where an AI assesses the data and input from Litigators and produce the most likely strategy to ‘beat’ their opponent’s strategy. Google’s AlphaGo AI famously bear the world champion at GO in 2019 by analysing his previous matches and producing a strategy to beat him. 
A Detective type AI which analyses anomalies and trends in a case and gives solutions to ‘crack’ the case more quickly. 
Finally, assistance for the Courts in the form of an AI which listens to the case, makes a transcript of the case as it progressed but also searches the Case-Law database and provides potential authorities for the Judge to refer to when making their decision. This final option is already being trialled in China and so it appears to be a matter of when, rather than if, this comes to the UK. 

Is this likely to replace Solicitors? 

In short, no, certainly not in our lifetime and as MG Legal, your solicitors in Lancaster believe, there is no substitute for an experienced, dedicated and above all, human, representative. We understand that your case, whilst a legal matter, is personal to you and that you do not want to talk to a machine. 
At MG Legal, your solicitors in Lancaster, we believe in a personal approach and that speaking to a dedicated team of just one or two people is preferable. We believe that it is key to excellent client care that you have a representative who understands the pain and frustration of an injury, the pressure of buying a house, the personal nature of making a Will or making a Power of Attorney or just how stressful a divorce can be and how important your children are to you. 
In addition, machines can make predictions based on statistics, but this does not account for the ‘human’ element of any given situation and just how important quick reading of this can be. When negotiating your personal injury compensation, we like to make a telephone call to the third party representative and discuss the case, apply pressure or reduce it as necessary and ‘feel out’ whether they are serious about this being their “last and best offer” for our client. An AI might pick the right decision 79% of the time, but for MG Legal, this is not good enough and we believe our personal touch gets it right every time. There is no substitute for the negotiating skills of MG Legal’s personal injury solicitors in Lancaster

Will I speak to a person when I call MG Legal? 

You certainly will, MG Legal, your solicitors in Lancaster, pride themselves on being a local firm, with local roots and with a genuine desire to be your local solicitors. Whatever you require our services for, you can rest assured that we will do our best for you and treat you as we would wish to be treated in the same situation. 
So, if you require a solicitor, look no further than MG Legal, your solicitors in Lancaster. We aim to accept all Personal Injury cases on a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee agreement) basis and our other services; Family and Children, Property and Wills, Probate and powers of Attorney, are provided on a fixed fee basis in most cases. 
So, get in touch with MG Legal today, we are happy to hear from you by phone, email, web-contact form or by calling to one of our offices in Lancaster, Garstang and Longridge
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