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As the country knows all too well, we are now in the midst of a situation all but the oldest members of the community have never before faced, that of being severely restricted in our movement and working patterns. 
Here at MG Legal, your Solicitor in Garstang, we are making the most of the new situation, ensuring that our clients suffer no negative effects and looking at the benefits of the situation. Advice given by a Legal Recruiter Emilia Casaus via the Law Society, has helped us not only cope but benefit from the lockdown. Whilst these tips are made from a Legal point of view, many translate easily to other sectors. 

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Using technology to continue working and to keep seeing you, our clients 

There is one legally qualified person in each of our three offices. There is a solicitor in Lancaster, one in our Garstang office, and a solicitor in Longridge, still working away, and accepting instruction from all clients, new and old. 
There being one person in each of MG Legal’s three offices- our solicitors are, in effect, self-isolating. Whilst face-to-face contact with clients is an important part of our service, the strict instructions from the government mean this is not possible at the moment, or that any contact that is vital must be done at a distance and with far less interaction that we like to have with our clients. Our Wills solicitors have witnessed client signatures through windows, and our personal injury solicitors accept instructions over the ‘phone. You get the idea. 
For those who cannot come to the office, MG Legal, your Solicitor in Garstang, has always been at the front of the pack when it comes to technology, we carry our emails with us remotely, we have remote access to our computers and so, whether in the office or at home, there is no impact on you, our clients. During office hours, our spare rooms or living rooms become an extension of the offices our clients know so well. We also offer phone and skype appointments with clients to ensure that, whilst remaining safe, you can speak to and if you so wish, see your Solicitor, even if it is over a video-link. 

Staying in touch 

The wide variety of technology we have access to means that no member of the team is ever out of touch with another. Our teams have always worked closely and now is no different. We are never more than a phone call, skype or email away and we use this to both maintain our normal high standard or working but also to ensure we are all fully up to speed with the developments in the office. 

Learning while we are away from the office 

We all usually attend various courses during the year to ensure that we are up to date with any legal developments. With more time for people in the Legal Learning sector as well as for Solicitors and Barristers to post news articles and to set up distance learning “webinars” now is a great time for us to pick up some extra ideas and case-law that will help us stay fully in touch with the latest changes in the Law. 

Staying Human 

At MG Legal, your Solicitor in Garstang, we work hard for our clients and we dedicate the same number of hours to your legal matter as we would regardless. One important tip provided by Ms Casaus was to strictly split work and personal lives to prevent cross-over and a loss of focus. 
It is all too easy to want to check your email at bedtime just to make sure nothing has come in, however, this can then ‘switch on your brain’ and affect your sleep and so, when we are in ‘work mode’ you can be assured of our full commitment. However, when we are done for the day, it is beneficial to put your work to one side, ideally in another room and relax just as you would after a day in the office. This maximises recovery and relaxation and ensures that come tomorrow morning, we are all at 100% ready to push forward on your matter. 

Manage distractions 

When you’re at home, the dog doesn’t understand that you’re working from home, he just thinks it’s playtime or “walkies” all the time. The cat doesn’t just want feeding when you come home, now it’s constantly scratching the kitchen door. TV can seem like a bit of nice background noise but especially with the constantly developing news on Covid-19, can become a vortex that drains your attention. 
Managing these distractions is a vital part of maintaining your “workspace” at home and so, whilst it might seem unfair, the dog might need to go in another room, the cat gets shut in the lounge or outside (weather permitting, we’re not monsters) and the TV rationed to your lunchbreak. 

MG Legal is still here for you 

These and many other reasons are why you will still find MG Legal, your Solicitor in Garstang, operating at maximum efficiency. Whether for Property, Family & Children, Wills & Probate or Personal Injury we are available via phone, email, web-contact form or at any of our offices in Lancaster, Garstang or Longridge. Please get in touch and we will discuss your needs and if at all possible, we will get the ball rolling the same day. 
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