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If you have booked a package holiday, with a travel operator, and been unfortunate enough to be injured whilst in the resort, on the ‘plane on the way there, or by any means (including food poisoning) at the resort, then our personal injury solicitors may be able to assist, on a No Win No Fee basis. 
A package, as in package holiday, is defined by The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992. if you booked your holiday before 1 July 2018, or by The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 if booked after 1 July 2018. 
A package holiday typically is made on the basis of one contract, is sold at an inclusive price and covers all your travel arrangements. Package holidays are required by law under the Package Travel Regulations to be financially protected. The key word here, is one. To be able to claim for personal injury compensation, at least two of your holiday components, be it the flight and the hotel, or travel to the hotel from the airport and the accommodation, and so forth, must be booked at the same time, thereby forming one contract. 
In the last 4 years, our team of personal injury solicitors have ensured that injured holiday makers have received the compensation they, quite rightly, deserve. We have listed some case studies below, with our clients’ permission, so that you may see the fruits of our personal injury solicitors’ labour. 

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Case study 1. 

Miss A was using the swimming pool at the holiday resort, when she cut her foot on glass, that had been reported to bar staff at the resort, previously, and they had failed to remove the same. Our personal injury solicitors were instructed by Miss A’s family, and liability was admitted by the travel provider, TUI. The breach was sufficient to represent a tort, that is a civil wrong, and Miss A was awarded £3,000.00 in damages at an Infant Approval Hearing in her local county court. 

Case study 2. 

Mrs B was a patron at a resort, for 14 days, after booking a package holiday, online. On the second day of her holiday, Mrs B fell down steps close to her hotel room, that were insufficiently edged, so as to not set them apart from the surrounding marble flooring. The area was also very poorly lit, making the edges of the steps harder to see, especially so at night. Our personal injury solicitors knew that for Mrs B to bring a successful claim for compensation, we would be required to prove that local standards for the country, Turkey in this instance, had been breached. A local architect was instructed, and the steps were found not to comply with local safety standards. Mrs B received compensation, and has been sufficiently happy to tell others of our success. 

Case study 3. 

The H family, were all subjected to contaminated food at an ‘all you can eat’ Indian buffet at their Spanish hotel. Our personal injury solicitors obtained food hygiene audits for the hotel and pursued the travel provider for personal injury compensation. Our Preston solicitors were successful, and the H family were awarded £22,000.00 in damages for their injury, and loss of enjoyment of their family holiday. 
The above three cases, as are all of our personal injury cases, were accepted on a No Win No Fee basis, with our Preston solicitors’ costs, paid by the at-fault travel provider. 
Trip, fall, taken a tumble? Your personal injury is worth more than you may think in the package holiday jungle. 
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